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    Didn't know it was possible for a launch this messy. Plenty of bugs are preventing people from playing NBA 2K20 and no one is happy about it. NBA 2K20 players from all over came together last night in protest...
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    welcome back agent nation show host right here agent father beam star let's get Roy into the news should be this excited ladies and gentlemen a lot of stuff has went down it's my job to keep you in touch now I don't anticipate I'm gonna be doing many of these types of videos because as I usually say they don't help whatsoever 2k never listens to me besides the point though a lot of shenanigans went down yesterday and if you weren't on Twitter you missed out on all the juiciness but thank God Father beam star is here to save the day keep you in tune with all the news ladies and gentlemen subscribe to the channel make sure to drop a like and donate 1 million dollars ladies and gentlemen 1 million dollar donations accepted all the time any time I'm trying to get rich for Bert story of the day NBA 2k 20 lost in the worst way possible now ladies and gentlemen I don't even know how to describe to you the amount of problems bugs and glitches with the game at this point I feel like I'm beating a dead horse but it has to be done because in a rare in a very rare sequence of events the entire community came together last night in protest yes yes yes ladies and gentlemen let's talk now we know there's been plenty of issues with the game you go to the stats your game crashes you're just walking around the park for some reason your guy is lagging you know yeah and you're just walking and he's lagging it got real bad last night man it reached a climax there's been a lot of people growingly frustrated that their badge and a rep progress has stopped so for whatever reason they're playing the game and now they're getting no more progress and there's no fix in sight the list of people experiencing that problem continues to grow and - he hasn't said it lv2 k didn't respond at some point we're gonna get into all the badoosy in a moment ok so I don't know where last night Agent Zero was playing some pro n finishes a game and his team gets deleted I don't know where it just vanished into thin air I was frustrated guess I can't play 2k every part game I play I lagged out I tried playing 3v3 Pro I put my team banished then I heard it was happening to dozens and dozens of dozens of other people so I said I'm off for the night I'm going to sleep Agent Zero woke up five hours later at 5:00 a.m. ladies and gentlemen and there was an outrage on Twitter everybody no matter what you thought about the next person disappointed that a game that released for $60 can be out in such poor garbage conditions it's not even playable it's not playable all right so let's get to some of those tweets the hashtag fix 2k 20 went very viral it was the number one and to trend on Twitter all night cash nasty tweeted reply with reply that all right I thought that I maybe didn't know English but apparently he doesn't reply with that you guys know cash bro what happened bro come on man how do you want to read that tweet no more I give up g-man tweeted hashtag fix 2k 20 retweet like comments so we can get this trending I just woke up and I see hashtag fix 2k 20 trending I can't handle all these glitches all my boys got stuck wrap bars you can cup whole meals during these loading screens let's run it up patch the game ASAP biloba even annoying Garden on the mick saying hashtag fix 2k 20 with the lights in fist emoji Nadex no he wasn't feeling it he quote tweeted taken some shots you were just praising to Kate earlier this was in reference to a tweet annoying put out saying if you think it's trash just go sell it I don't see the problem annoying has been a proponent that 2k 20 is not that bad you just have to get used to it and get your badges first before you rush to judgment Jono's says any content creator tweeting fixed 2k 20 can forget about getting a logo community they invite and any other perks you may be looking for after yet Kenny got in on the mix fix 2k 20 all for one agent Oh my fault Craig can't confuse the two that would be wrong with me agent general got in on the mix ladies and gentlemen as he's been saying on this channel many times he tweeted apply pressure higher more devs NBA 2k hashtag fix 2k 20 ladies and gentlemen because if we're being artists we can do some temporary fixes right maybe the game speed maybe the shooting I don't know what do you want changed I don't know but if you want some permanent change what do we have to do well say it with me now yeah shake down put out a tweet saying hashtag fix 2k 20 let's get it done even LSK was defending himself people were taking shots he responded saying nah bro what we played and what we talked about wasn't what got released I mean there's clips and screenshots on what 2k told you me everyone don't put that on me or other influencers cuz right now I'm just as lost as you I'm tired of the BS tone my way like damn hashtag fix 2k 20 things drop juicy guy yo real juicy keemstar put this tweet out well then hashtag fix 2k 20 ladies and gentlemen number one on trending and number two on trending was fire Ronnie well get to that little bit later birdman says crazy all these random youtubers and media who know nothing about 2k were quick to talk about the gambling now the game is out and broken they won't say a word but will pretend they care about the community that's the direct shot at folks like Angry Joe who went in on NBA 2k for its microtransaction and gambling problems now although I agree with angry Joe that microtransactions have gone too far the examples he was giving in his video were inaccurate because you didn't have to pay for the slot machine stuff on the triple started my team there's plenty of different valid ways you could take shots at 2k when it comes to microtransactions what he did in his video wasn't it lows for the love of God hashtag fix 2k 20 yo it goes on and on and on there's people who the my career tab just disappeared it's not even there no more this guy just can't even play my career anymore and she just lost that ability what's game breaking is that I have even looked at my phone since the games but now I can't see my VIP stats I can't invite nobody to squad or join squads without getting blue screen I don't even know what my record is lmao hashtag fix 2k 20 though the game the rapper yo top 5 rapper no cat he tweeted fixed 2k 20 with the angry swearing emoji cuz you know how it goes 2k does not listen to me and you we're in the community they couldn't care less about us they listen to the people outside the celebrities the other content creators that don't upload 2k all those guys yo Ronnie two K's in your DM Joe what would you like changed about the game you you want you want to make this change right here we got you on the next patch in one week we're gonna make that just for you doesn't really apply to the game because I know he's actually a serious gamer someone told me he was like top five and the madam leaderboards so anyway besides buoyant okay so that was the first story of the day hashtag fix 2k 20 was trending everybody got in on it clearly the entire community for story of the day when it comes to changes in NBA 2k 20 we received a pass today a lot of people thought that patch was gonna fix a lot of the problems people were having like the fact that they were making no progress towards their badges or their rep all the glitches and bugs that cause the game to crash maybe increasing the servers oh my goodness nope it did not do any of that it seems that the patch that was released today was supposed to be a day one patch we didn't get any patch notes that came with it at least when I'm recording this video it's been like four or five hours since that patch released and honestly everybody I've spoken to hasn't noticed any bit of difference between how it played before and after the patch so presumably had nothing to do a game play but earlier this morning Mike Wang did an update to the game before the patch which increased this speed yeah it was like a speed buff so people move around quicker off-ball dignify put out this tweet saying speed buff is crazy law don't know exactly why they did it everything is so fast now the common complaint people were having was that now with the speed buff big man stretch bigs glass cleaners move at the same speed as guards that's a problem because what things that developers were so proud about before the game launch was the fact that there is a speed gap that's the word we're using ladies and gentlemen a speed gap so the people would better have faster characters you could feel that difference on the court I do think the speed of the game should be increased a little bit but not if it comes at the cost of the speed gap because then at that point athleticism attributes literally don't matter at all now the NBA 2k developers have been eerily quiet while all this was going on LD 2k broke the silence on Twitter putting out this tweet thanks to NBA 2k on reddit for helping compile feedback known issues for our teams forwarded it all on to the producers as well as been actively passing on feedback that I'm seeing from here we'll pass on an update when I receive one hashtag NBA 2k 20 I can't tell these always memeing he put out this tweet saying game speed to slow still needs a buff mic wag decided to break the silence after the update this morning putting out theirs tweet saying the park speeds were boosted a bit further than desired and will be toned down ASAP apologies now by playing this what I like to see all right late we don't expect you to be perfect everybody here on this channel already knows yeah sometimes it's your fault alright Mike Wayne sometimes it is your fault but most of the time you could h...
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