I Found The END Portal In Minecraft

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    I think I found what I've been searching for in Minecraft

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    damnit I don't have a bell you get do you days have a bell here is there any bells laying around I can't start my video until I have a bell what am I supposed to ring oh this is horrible hold on hold on hold on yes yes I forgot I trapped you in here wait you're not the guy I trapped in here what oh man the guy trapped in here had really good gear who you know gonna watch you ding a game top of morning welcome back hey Irish noises to Minecraft okay we left off the last episode on a real serious humdinger of a cliffhanger and we have found our stronghold where is it it's all the way to heaven oh baby oh baby oh okay this is as far as I've gotten I don't know how I get into the rest of it I hear Skelly man's down I don't know if I'm on the level yet or if I still have to dink oh oh oh this is a good sign oh yes okay no get rid of that get out your torches yeah this is really scary oh good oh god oh god this is gonna suck isn't it great great room that's a fantastic room hello creeps I don't know how these work but I've been told that they can get very I'ma destroyed this door just so I know heard the entrances I've heard that these can get very scary and very confusing the way of fire on this Oh bane of arthropods and fire aspect one this is a great sword I forgot about that you're already in lit on fire don't kill me don't plan on dying here I plan on dying in a pool of lava of my own making oh sweet mother of Christ oh I'm gonna get lost so bad in here okay I need some sort of system is this what whew secrets chest yes ender pearl nice and a new pair of pants I really wanted them I'm gonna brown these ones real good in here okay okay see this is the thing about Minecraft is that you have these doors that can already hope like that but I can destroy everything around it it's easy mode oh not you don't know how to make a game you know how to make a great game where the hell am I going I've already lost the entrance I already don't know where I am oh you're not poison spiders are you oh i bane of arthropods though haha light them on fire okay okay okay where am I going oh that's bad no thank you so intense oh you can't come through here Oh big dummy stupids I know there's an entrance right there but the paper doesn't know about that keep it between you and me dude the creeper go Oh God oh he's scary oh the juice no no no no oh god oh god oh god oh god oh yeah did you guys see that lag oh I lagged like a gamer that sucked I like that then it suddenly shoots in my face it was like hello oh it's in here I'm not destroying the doors cuz it just takes longer just destroy the wall around it there's nothing here why do you do this to me this is how I entered or this is how he entered doors in Ireland man did you guys know I was Irish I bet you didn't until the series oh my god is this a prison in Minecraft there's probably stuff like if you dig a certain way there's probably like treasure somewhere nope there's probably secret stuff all over the place in here but do I want to do that no I don't I just want to get through here without dying oh my god everywhere sucks it's a whole episode is just gonna be me wandering through here hopefully not getting lost I'm already lost so that doesn't matter you should go down maybe that's oh my god what the hell happened here um hello ah no I don't think that's supposed to be like that did somebody explode down here creeper oh man did you explode down here when you weren't supposed to silly creepers get anything in here honey treasures for a boy now I'm also reluctant to whittle down my items because I do not want my damaged epic eggs a to get to broke in you know what I'm saying is this is this the right way I don't think there's a right way down here I think there's just all wrong ways mine shaft in Minecraft oh this is just getting wild excuse me then you even seen an end portal that's really the only reason I'm here if you've seen one please speak up now you iron and nametags I did really want more nametags oh this is actually scary I hate this wait wait am I not taking fire damage I get broken oh oh oh okay okay because I'm playing on the snapshot people told me not to play in the snapshot but if I'm playing on the snapshot this entire time I didn't know that those are bad thing to do when so people told me way later and now it's kind of too late to go back maybe it's not oh there has to be a spawn or somewhere here this is promising oh is that a library oh I've heard about this you guys heard about the libraries of Minecraft I sure have luck brave enough lucky and Manson I'm running away play fight or flight is not working actually it is this is working in the latter region Wow a sword and some bread I love bread I want to eat bread I don't know I'm doing this voice well I love bread my crossbow you're a killed one today Steve all your books is there any epic treasure here at there's an e epic treasure here make yourself known oh I feel like there's a treasure here I feel like I'm not a knowledgeable equipped for this the treasure whoa books - family works full that's amazing you want books I'll give you fucking books shame steal these bookshelves another treasure hello Oh so many more books and papers this one this one is a paling five or not quite affinity dude that's awesome fire aspect three dude libraries kick booty I'm so glad I found you I was going to sir I was gonna start stealing all of these but then I realized that I just got a bunch of books anyway so what's the point you know I thought that was really close to the entrance - wait didn't they find this earlier early on where am I going oh this is promising yes Queen yes Queen is this good oh I feel like this is a real good oh it's back into the mine shaft oh dude do ooh that's that's a jacksepticeye death closet right there okay what did I get Oh I do not want to lose any of this EP d PBP Oh am I here why am I here it's nothing here why am I here there's no place like home there's no place like home hello mr. zombie ow something I want to do when I get back to my base as well as make a mob firm because I keep thinking oh I need a spawner to make a mob firm I don't know why because all you need is a dark room and then it'll spawn so that seems a lot easier ah look at you spotty Oh disc 1300 sir blast protection yes get rid of that block what if all these blocks anyway a book a say you know yeah I can do too buddy shut up no one likes a show-off to saddles we can't even like a stack settled oh you sound like AB deep-throated one oh yeah that's what you sound like something a stupid all right I've been here been there I've been all over the place where I haven't been is where the end portal is so they don't know if I supposed to be going down around in out upside down whoever cares what I earn fire Oh big dumb Anderman oh oh oh did he did he teleport where you go so you run away from the face of battle okay dude I found another enchanted golden apple I found one of these before in my in my basement that's awesome haha someone stuck uh-huh now you're not stuck cause you're dead okay should I keep going down again at this rate it feels like I'm not even in the stronghold anymore but I don't know where I've explored a bunch of it and I don't know where the end portal is don't tell me it's the thing that some of these strongholds just don't have end portals in them this feels important whoa whoa oh god spider spawner in the middle of this really oh that's such a pain oh god you know what I'm just going to destroy you oh god oh god do they destroy it though hey some you did yes I wouldn't normally destroy a spawner but I have spawners back at my base I don't need to spawn us down here causing me headaches no where oh man I think I just got unlucky with my stronghold I feel like this mine shaft intersecting everything has just made it ten times harder to find it cuz it's probably right and right near this area but I just don't know where to go that was gross wait ways there one walk like that oh okay sorry Thor I'm gonna do a big brain move here I can't back out I slept and I'm going to move some of my more important stuff in here I feel like that's a good idea I feel like not carrying this stuff around with me is a very good idea because I could do with saving all of this and being a special boy okay everything else I think is perishable and is fine but this this chest right here is mine and nobody better take it people better not take it what's the correct English for that I don't know man finding this important sucks how did I miss this oh hello shovel man this is literally my entrance right here this is how I got into the stronghold and I didn't just go this way and find this tomb or enderpearls and five iron ore are you serious are you serious this is where I came in this is very fun the stronghold additionally I went that way I went that way every way except straight across my entrance and the blah god and the portals right okay fill up this Oh fighting the strip form is so hard oh my god what are you spawning anyway I'm crying loudly what are these also I need ender eyes you came out of a block okay whatever that's cool let's just put more torches everywhere make sure this doesn't happen again okay um you have three so need one two three four five six seven eight nine oh well have to here and I've won back out in the chest oh I would love that down okay at least I found it oh my god okay so I didn't actually explain what this thing is because I I figured most peop...
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