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    NBA 2K20 has a lot of issues. Some need to be changed.. and others we need to change for. But we should get some update from the devs.

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    so NBA 2k 20 is out here we are grinding the game ladies and gentlemen only to find out the game is broken 2k is never gonna be perfect and I don't really expect perfection from them but I expect a little bit better than this what we've received and maybe you haven't kept up so I'm gonna inform you here on this video has been absolutely preposterous maybe it's cuz I've been playing 2k for too long I feel like I've lost perspective if this happened in any other game I'll be freaking right now anyway let's get into everything if you guys are new to the channel subscribe hey I'm uploading daily jeez man's least you could do hey first things first everybody hops on the game the game feels different we're getting get today one of the first things I noticed while I was on stream was just no jump shot created they introduced it in 17 had an 18 had it in 19 it's one of my favorite features in the game and this year I thought they didn't have it that was until a couple days went by and this was posted on Twitter oh no not this this is badge plug being banned again this is a different post this post from Owens saying I got this December 13th everybody and it's a notification in the practice saying congratulations your work with Chris Brickley has paid dividends you have earned the ability to build your own custom jump shot using the jump shot crater try it now and return it a little you get to point if you guys remember 2k 17 they had a similar month you had to play through the my cover story to unlock the jump shot crater in 18 and 19 you just unlocked it when you hit 75 overall I'm not much of a my career guy and it sucks that I had to sit there and become one just so I can play with my build the way I want to alright so talking about jump shots I didn't think quick-draw was gonna be a big deal I mean any was gonna be a big deal I didn't think it was gonna be the biggest fuckin deal quick-draw is such a game breaker of a bat that if you don't have any shooting badge upgrades it is a wrap you are not getting open by the time you pull off for your slow ass 800 millisecond jump shot somebody's gonna be there to contest every single time here's the thing y'all I know the game has to change and sometimes things that I liked about the previous game changed and I get that is gonna take me a while to get used to it I moved here I'm in Atlanta I didn't like it here for like a month and what do you know ladies and gentlemen give us some time start to warm up to the place I like it here now so I'm a little skeptical I'm not making no judgments on the game yet I mean a day one patch hasn't even released and it's day two currently so yeah there's a lot that I'm reserving my judgment on but there's a few things that left questions in my mind for those wondering the first person I seen hit all-star is an NBA 2k league player by the name of CB 13 first all-star question mark and he shows that he was the first president a all-star and this was like within 24 hours of the game's launch so he's been grinding he followed up with a tweet saying on in 24 hours he got hall-of-famer first step gold dimer silver handles four days silver quick-draw bronze fancy footwork and bronze Intimidator I've been grinding for two days and I've only a lot like six badges I'm a long way to go man it's like we can't agree on anything there's some guys that like the new dribbling system there's some guys that don't gee man put out this tweet saying boo Luba we're trying to make good content on your game and you guys are limiting us so much with bad gameplay the game is slow and dribbling is a part of it a lot of people would like to pre loo dribbling plus the faster game speed please fix it so he brings up two key points one the pre-boot dribbling is for some reason different than the retail version dribbling and also the game speed is really slow like incredibly slow like I'm pretty sure if you put me in a 40-yard dash verse my stretch big I'd win and I'm not athletic so that's a problem you gotta fix I think right or is this another one of those situations where I just have to get used to the game speed because I was playing part and I'm not gonna lie to you I wasn't really enjoying it I hopped on 3v3 program and I was having way more fun on there you got to speed it up somehow there's no ways the final products gonna stay like this Mike Wang even said he was gonna increase the game speed but we haven't seen a day one patch yet I'm assuming that's what's gonna happen in the day one patch but nobody really knows because we're not receiving any sort of communication about any of this what I think is happening is this guys sookay knows they hear what we're saying but also they kind of want to wait a little bit just see what glitches and bugs pop up so that they can patch all of that stuff in one and release it as a 1.0 or I guess the 1.1 day one patch Birdman put out a tweet saying 2k 20 is actually terrible if they don't fix the shooting and the speed of the players nobody's playing and so people are split I mean if you're on Twitter you've probably seen some very crazy clips of insane travels and dunks etc the real aramis posted this clip and you get hey just watch it ha ha how did you do that cuz nobody even has badges yet can you imagine when people get purple brick wall on silver and he just decimated the guy oh god I hope it's not too k17 brick wall all over again please god no no no no I thought we passed that phase in our lives man Craig posted this clip of probably the greatest dunk you'll ever see who design that animation man who did that I get it I'm coming hard today I know I'm frustrated because there's so many bugs and issues and I'm frustrated that we've got to do this every year but you know it I say all the time on the channel sometimes it's the devs fault but there are so many things wrong I can't help but think they needed to hire more people right if we're being honest wouldn't that solve all these issues if we have more people working on them wouldn't we get fixes faster wouldn't we even not we would not have to deal with none of this zero of it people are complaining the badges take forever together it takes me two hours to get one upgrade to my shooting come on man are you serious that means to get the total of 30 upgrades I gotta spend 60 hours 90 60 hours but make the grind fun I'm playing my career cuz I won't get no shooting upgrades on the part I'm playing my career I'm shooting in the corner a million times I know in my heart at this point I just shoot with Aldridge's release with my eyes closed and then it's brutal when you start off without quick job because no one's gonna leave you that open so you're like bro how do I even hit these shots god forbid you not a stretch big and you have a bad three point rating you got to get some three-point attributes good luck dude just figure it out I believe in you then things got even more intense of course because Ronnie was talking on stream for month leading up to the launch of the game he was saying all kind of stuff making all kinds of promises he say that you could respect build so if you made a mistake with your build you can change your take over do get add new pies to the game right they say they were gonna come after delayers and I'm sure maybe they made an effort on some of those things they probably did so someone decided to put together a compilation of all the things Ronnie said that wasn't true we're gonna watch that compilation together and people what people tested me they say I said remember we're on each I said oh all right let's not get into that people are talking about lowering our FEC prices remember guys that like you can respect all your bills like if you want to throw seventeen of my players people like jump to conclusions on what they saw in terms of the neighborhood and this trailer that's not the neighborhood but you guys can think whatever you want I believe you can respect as many times as you want I don't yeah why are you doing that Ronnie it's such a weird thing to lie about that everybody just kind of believed you why would you not be telling the truth I know there's a possibility that maybe Ronnie thought that that was true and the game play developers went in a different direction and he just did it no one there was some miscommunication but there was three instances how could you beat that misinformed about your own game that doesn't add up to me man at all but it's not all one-sided facts put out a tweet saying these corny 2k news accounts was dead-ass tweeting out any rumor they heard from anybody nobody know what was real anymore I get it there's some things that when they change we just have to get used to it it's gonna be different you have to adjust and there's other things where you can't have to draw a line and be like maybe the game speed does have to increase a little bit maybe that's things that they already planned on addressing right but we don't know because nobody said anything about a day one pax since the game drop in a day one patch is by definition supposed to be on the first day we're on the second day so it's not adding up not to me a lot of server issues I was playing on the 3v3 pro-am all of a sudden we go back to our court and it's like no no you're not allowed to play or anything there's people's game crashing every time they go to the stats part of the game there's some people like Nate X was complaining earlier that he can't even grind his player no more look at his tweet Nate X says still getting no rep man I don...
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