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    I hit shoehorning players at your system took me isoclinic Jesus was in my opinon let's show the box and this is the site man who sporadic Jordy and then it's not leaning into the political strongly things won't be Wilfred gone collet is furious Marcus Butler's taking credit for it but let's take a look in just a second we see a replay that was across their moments yeah you're right Marcus but the causing of us oh it was cut was a mum Tobias Tobias a little game of Thrones the store the well gamer phone goals so far for Tobias Paul goes back to David the annex and he plays it out confidently towards poet his normal YouTube all-stars Lauren danger of capitulate yeah as mini min that cook so on the right hand side if I said he ended across it in its Oh Helene who is Elena killed yes that's it that's an easy goal isn't it yeah I thought like I'm so used to the linesman pulling his flag up now I mean I would just say to someone you got it Nia look at all rich is available the creamers prisons to the Tollison the cream has risen to the top and Johanna is overjoyed he breaking his heart trying to score that call I said the couple of bottles of Pop I wouldn't am them the dog deserve the freight Tom motion this is for charity yeah not for them or you or me poor JJ is getting in on the act the whole team's run up even the kita mister on the full length of the pitch release our scenes and those guys are rowing in a boat it was you just got sucked down and everyone else is getting up that's the light now it doesn't matter sum up the way that the way that some people's taste God is so far he's already just sucked down brushing your teeth such utter and somewhat there you look slightly cool I am cold tensed or dripping wet as our Lawrence and he is freezing on a sunny day and so Dublin just a little word of advice don't comment on quite a Newcastle mini Minter ball goes through humiliating the goalkeeper disappointing Minter was obviously threw up guys bazinga high side of the but yeah they're almost nonchalant about in our me they're a bit like whatever scored another who cares yeah it's I think many many bazinga almost gets a ball through Deji can take it away again oh that is a good ball come on they need to move quick now the YouTube all-stars and this is Jay swinger TGIF bra member charlie Molly's at a really decent game hasn't he Chris MD trying to force of habit surely we've got a goal coming here somewhere it's Chris it's fight one the Seidman is still gonna be a comfortable cushion here man Chris MD goes the back of the net to retrieve the ball Chris MD rousing the crowd thanks Steven Gerrard's look at me Hugh is he is yes you got me out of jail never say die man that's what we're looking at here unless you go to Russia lovely great shine for kneel down in front of 30,000 people millions of it's true again and this is it it's true you chew old stars or not seein it's J and X with the gold Jim X a last minute inclusion in this game he conned him can't become that he came in for the burn chip and he's delivered he's delivered he come down any Camden didn't come right at the right time yes give it just a little bit of time to pray on there chance here for simon FC j changes to q if he was uncited and JJ with the power and to be honest it was more the technique that just got it right past so you is he are you watching Logan Paul that's what he does with a ball he's gonna do that the your head man Nike they'll be ridiculous grace a boxing match shall be illegal told this roast won't pass it chances in to GG beautiful goal from the side men 6-1 6-1 6-1 this is a resounding he pulled the trigger Lydon me boom athleticism power poise precision and that's just his in-ring ability out on the pitch he's got much more than that as Nebraska pyro school beautiful eyes this guy started up and smashed the all-stars once again on the attack early on and it's calyx what can he do here he's lofted it into the box who's gonna go guest Rose absolutely paid what with his scalp early goal from the YouTube all-stars he's got an absolutely horrific haircut but he doesn't care cuz he scored a girl really great tackle a she wasn't in our it's been a decent level as decent stand at the day of Toby just comes away with at Toby as he revealed us to call him toke Kissin Toby toke Jess Toby's away on the left-hand side he's got options in the middle he swears it early for me go wild transid another before you even took this shot alfie deyes is happy and the rest of the side men over the Brundle frog is description Lee happy he's actually getting live updates out there if you want to get a live update of your name on the screen then donate and the YouTube all-stars will any is absolutely furious that they let him tackle need to be that easy for the side men on the lil unbelievable Simon mentor of course got some great goals in this now he done them with the touch George still couldn't catch him and then he buries it bottom corner perfect star for Simon I've got a lot of subtle advance for actually because they've got me well used to this six games it's nothing at all has conceded three today I'm more to be loved that's all you know for the last school didn't he go line for technology for that Timmy Jordan Jenny see just get fifty paws god bless you Chile credit to Jenni Oh Jenni Schmitt J mr. ball at the back there oh wow look at that total gold took it around J - boo - boo - boo oh he's gone on the run the kits off he's off to the touchline who's he does he go who's he go and do he's gone to get something let's we'll see what it isn't just a second but let's relive the goal here I'm sure that was supposed to be better puts J one way takes J the other Toby then shoots that goes beyond Hugh is e from your league level up by his own standards today you so disappointed look at that beautiful he's just had to run through beautiful they're in desperate need of a goal they've got one minute plus at a time can they do it oh boy he's found himself free it's Chris Abdi is he 101 he's got Jeremy to beat and he's gone L to his left he's put it to bed to go for the YouTube all-stars who saw that coming it was all sidemen hit him on the counter-attack Chris empty has won than the match I it's very difficult for the Seidman to come back from this hey I could not believe it the entire team it's not racing over to the gun boy from Jersey he's been putting in the work making those football goals I have certain videos we would like to take the veteran and it's played off look at it takes it with his head he's got three defenders to get past she'll sit on his left beats Jamie and slots it in there back out of that hill boy watching that will repeat for the next two weeks what a gorgeous young boy is lovely better play stunning shoe Jordy should be the next commentators on throw Evolution Soccer I mean in the Philippi always come out what's he doing why to the review ohyou makes it five mil to the sidemen Simon is busily chromed king of the world there he is he says I'm the king of the world now Vic however I still think big stars the man of the match fix caught one too it's gone crazy me it's gone go crazy Spencer's reading of the game isn't a he's what the grub a gold then he's getting Sun in the headlines but there's been a place told for that but no Spencer is on the ball and he's taking a road point but toy it's season water gold so that his laugh is class saleable Newcastle oh he was he celebrating so for me um comes mentor and they celebrate with him that was a love a beautiful individual effort beautiful from FIFA mani mani with a moment of sheer class their Geordie going around three absolution Oh Manny Pacquiao would have been happy without it and that really was a knockout blow oh that he's a fantastic 1/2 or 1/2 fantastic half pitch goal from who that although go I mean that absolute that was a a wonderful strike speechless him here at the football was that is uh plant is this real was that editing no that's his real like mini Minter has scored a hat-trick is this real life yeah I was busy joking on about re uncle Fedwire and I look up and it's in the back of the net from the whole flailing mini-mini boudoir probably could have done that have you failed any strikes a ball quite well that is that's a perfect hat-trick from God that Claud believe this make you miss Linda is going for a Premier League contractor people are bugging it all about rush but what about this kid J at this point is looking a little bit tired you are look at him with the silky skills that's a penalty that is he went in a little bit hard there and freeze he's given away a penalty frizzies hurts blood heroes of it I think he was looking to take a friend out there that person impose himself on the match who gets the penalty JG is on the touch low at least I think he won sir essentially no because who wants a mini mint is picked up he's offering it around who is gonna take it doc totally lays the ball down just for one kick who for Vic it looks like it's Vic who's gonna take it this is a big moment for the side man and Vic star I can tell you right now they'll be no playing along from here is he he will not throw his body in the way of this like he was saving his own child from a truck he'll do anything to stop this Hugh is he's not happy with where the balls been put but Vic looks perfectly confident mind games mind games have begun fix start a cool customer on the video games but what's it gonna be like on apparently he's got an interesting run up here everyone in...
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