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    hey guys guys today is well I guess like vlogmas day 3 oh my god wait since it's Christmas I should show them our bear berry no he's also look at what's so cute I love that his suspenders back here they like the detailing on him is so cute today we are indeed going to get our Christmas tree for the house we're good yeah yeah we're getting it this is a Christmas tree vlog like we've got a tree Andrews black conspiracy hoodie was all dirty so he actually is wearing the hoodie I wear that isn't it here also got a cute real wreath you have drama yeah let's talk about why Morgan oh okay okay I'm gonna give you a breakdown of the drama ready drama music nah okay first of all I saw that Morgan went to Disneyland with all of the DIY tours nothing laurdiy we're talking heel it down we're talking Nikki not Gabby I don't know beef maybe and then I see they're on Instagram I'm like oh cute that's fun and then they had a girls day at the spot so then I replied to laurdiy in her dm's and isolated and I said oh girls ha ha that's a funny wish I could have done maybe next time I'll just throw in a wig and sneak it I mean she goes a bit you can come wig list like you're about it all the time boom done love that then vlogmas is here christmas is coming December I'm live my robe boom what happens Morgan says oh tonight I gotta go to Lord you have wise Christmas party I'm thinking huh okay fine didn't get in but maybe you know maybe it's like a super Kuzon thing she goes oh it's a girls night okay I have proof that I'm invited to every girl's now but Lord yeah I still do not live in my DM so here's what I'm saying we are neither going to a break in the party ruin it and leave or be to our own girls night party and they're not allowed actually not only laurdiy thought alive everybody else income Tila you notice that shade also came up with an elaborate idea that I could become a woman and crash the party with Morgan and then again every day I was transphobic and we're not going there wait we still all communities I guess well let's go get a Christmas tree o TD it's vlogmas show them my outfit so for this cozy day in Los Angeles I slid on my Gucci slippers my target sweats my Pepsi shirt and my jacket that I wear all December every December glad we did that Shane's rocking his Agha Robo let's go I can't quit Oh quick tip stop and CV yeah okay I'm not a video agra fur and he like to state his outfit as a soccer dad athleisure oh yeah like he's a little bit more in touch with a fashion than most of the other day I would like I think the glasses are what give off that vibe I should not be like in public wait okay Jojo and her bow bow almost sold out - she's honestly always going wait so what's the plan she has to close in the meantime finding lots of it I can be prepared when I go to the gym Home Depot Christmas tree look of it seriously but get a Christmas tree is the priority Home Depot this is the back of the Christmas tree bah I'm not sure why I'm whispering but here we've arrived what are you doing oh my god he's doing downward-facing dog oh my gosh it smells so good in here wait they have a whole Christmas aisle Oh Shane we got to get some blow-up things should we confuse everybody and get this no I'm sorry a Star Wars like Megatron I'm so confused wait that's so cute oh my god he can be in the middle of the courtyard these are hauling weight driving a car wait this is you guys oh I feel like we have to get a Santa I didn't see the video you're gonna still be buying Christmas stuff on this it's an animated hugging teddy bear no everything get way well I'm still trying to find a cart we need okay we're gonna need a whole shed for all of our Christmas decoration we had one oh they have something called the merry wagon over there I was telling her and he's got to call the G Wagon the merry wagon for the rest of December just swing while I soak my pleasure and then they go in a circle and then you can have like a liveleak moment where they all fall down and you go ah good thing I wasn't there sure that's what the guys who made this we're thinking about the fact that you've been doing this all like the last like three weeks is pretty great normally you see Christmas them annually oh yeah you did wait wait what are you doing but we subjugated Christmas here look look at them and it's battery-operated and then they go around they go our carts BC three phalanges flashy bracelet cruel literally here for like three and a half minutes alright you know I'm like yes I forgot which is very nice yeah oh my god this shines Jojo Bobo's why didn't she put her face on this here's the cheese we got a beautiful house I don't want you to make it look tacky wait but it also does Halloween I'm thinking though we could put that Easter and Valentine's Day and birthdays and patriotic all right I'm sold three o'clock glittery trees might be like the way to go for our bedroom two if not three trees are going in this house all right Merry Christmas single man I know you are an independent okay so it's later in the night and we're starting to set up all of our cute Christmas decorations but the cutest of all so far well oh my god after this rain he's also deflated right now but if you come out here oh my god he's massive no my favorite thing ever my teeth everything sorry I'm just let chef my blog message look at him he's so cute and he's actually like as fuzzy and furry as he looks and he gives you a hug look at get him giving him a actually awesome so crazy it's so crazy that we didn't copyright this oh my god he's got a choke choke and he's not Oh cute we turn around and actually give him a hug yeah oh oh oh my god bear hug I get it okay this is the behind-the-scenes of Shane's photo with the bear we have anger coming out the big reveal the big reveal why would really can't give it a hug yeah I feel how fuzzy he is he's like so lovable and nice we got to name him okay so it's connected say and we are at Tito's trees for some reason we didn't end up getting a tree at Home Depot yesterday so today is finally the day these two are walking way way ahead of me because they're not interested I guess in me oh my god it smells delicious these are so cute actually didn't we get one of these last year's rain one I okay I think yeah I love that here's the baby trees for our bedroom Shane whoa oh my god wait they're all really pretty and it smells unbelievably delicious the shade would not let me get one at Home Depot yesterday whoa it's like a winter wonderland in here okay okay I think we've decided on this one because it's really perky and cute and almost looks fake because it's so nice all right you wanted this I know there's so much light but I didn't even actually see what the tree looks like I'm tall my god a pet for your apartment that you don't have to actually take care of animal diet okay first of all the way they type this up was really good but also Morgan's show them like oh yeah I almost like you to crash I would have been brainless that I don't think you could use a clip of the movie ghost ship because you'll get in trouble but it literally was that moment oh no you're stuck in the g-wagon I know mr. B chef look at the tree is this like offensive I don't know like is it bad to have a tree like are people gonna be like you cut down a tree we didn't even cut it down but you know what I mean oh is it is there like vegan treat Regan's I've never got no it's the holiday spirit because not everybody celebrates Christmas you guys are triggered okay well let's get it down and into the house okay that's me though I could see a holiday bag I've never seen this before she's cute oh I'm eating in a Gucci bathroom wait so I don't even really know what we're doing shame direct me to Beverly Hills he actually made me drive him because he still doesn't have a driver's license here's the thing I don't want to move her because they could carsick and ubers until I said thank you for moving the camera I said oh you film a video we're like we shop for each other ha ha and then likely to do that just as I wanted to right now we're hearing more boom I have no actual shopping for tips well I'm doing that find me something on the richest like most expensive Street in the world we shouldn't be here find me something for under $10 under $10 but there it doesn't exist on the street but I don't really wear expensive things I'm going to use the bell only because I was with the make-a-wish kid Josiah told me I have to do it as you know like if that's your wish honey we're going to do it so we got Matthew lens geez I don't okay can we write I think since we're on Rodeo Drive which are up into like a hundred no ten bucks the gap how plumber would say that's what Christmas guys so I'm gonna walk into Balenciaga and say hey what do you for ten dollars then they're gonna laugh at me and be like not even water by up yes mein kind of diarrhea so we sprang up all right wait are you getting me something for $10 well happening I'm getting you real presence do I get one tonight when we exchange gifts oh that's fun shame left me with both Gucci bags and the second that I took it literally just broke and then I tried pulling the middle strap oh my god and that broke too they just don't like vlogging in public unless I'm with someone like if I'm with a friend I like having no shame in my game I'm like oh this is fine I'm fine but as soon as I'm alone I&#...
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