Jeffree Star Making Other People Feel Poor for 10 Minutes

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    oh yeah garbage how much more those these okay can't be honest yeah I don't know I don't look all sarcasm aside I don't know about this is a lot of pimples usually play on these yes so it's like a very small portion translation machine newest ones that we are obsessed with playing in the moment okay so kitchen is that what this is yeah start the kitchen so small some bears whoa Wow okay so we've never really spent our kitchen tables empty so I'm embarrassed right now we've been traveling a lot we just got back from Europe two days ago so I got like nothing in here so I'm a little invest in the Gucci luggage how much was this I mean this all the patches in the cotton fabric this is probably like maybe 3,000 that's probably like 1,900 and not everyone thinks this stuff is cute some people think is outgoing and that's okay I live but it's a but it's supposed to be kind of ugly right like yeah how much Gucci stuff do you think you have in what contacts like yeah like a room like a Gucci room it takes up lugger and we're building another closet right now every spare room in the house is full of only my clothes you should just build a good you store your house so this whole entire mountain connectives warehouse is all ours over here that's yours yeah what do you do with it yeah spending ten minutes of every day yeah like some fucking oils that I can't afford trying to cut into this brand new should not look that Chanel boy bag and these retail for about like five thousand five hundred bucks oh I guess we're just gonna see what happens I have this to you BAM alright thank you and I packed all mine I use a lot of of course we were talking about this guy is it comes to all the comparison this is $120 right can you tell the difference yeah you know I'm Burberry no I'm not tearing up a Burberry I want it well what if we don't know if it's gonna tear it up exactly this one open it there who cares okay fine I'm the highest VAV Rouge point person on Sephora it's good so eyeshadow palettes usually range from like twenty to forty dollars this is 129 he shook oh my god in here is casually on your trunk I forgot that was there growing up you this is so you that's so pretty then those in there that's Merkley even if I were to bring make up there wouldn't be a point mine's like all dirty and like a target my hope you would bring a second throwaway expensive so every tooth in my mouth my dream sorry we would see little headpiece don't try it on wait what yeah this is a rabona war oh and she's so sick and disgusting yeah just food poisoning she's barking she's sick this is ahead wait you saw the oh it's not bad oh my god he's been wired we mrs. all hands sir Oscar it's not bad 2500 we oughta scared okay wait everybody won't tip okay holy shit it's the stranger oh my god we I'm literally wearing rent oh my flamethrower I have one yeah literally though oh wow okay now we're in here yeah this this is a Dewar bag they only made three of these me Beyonce and Rihanna have it hey so this is like a lot of limited edition stuff it's all gonna be in the new vault soon but it's you know there's Asperger's everywhere it's the best in here I know it's disgusting how messy this is what's like the most expensive item you have a Himalayan Birkin is pretty expensive this is a collector's item they make only a few of these a year and this is from Hermes even older how much was this that is 125,000 oh my god these are all collect collectibles get away these go up in value because they're so rare so these so here's the thing you want to talk for real yeah man people might be like what I would put this next to the new line burking bitch huge investment it's like buying property which I have a lot of property as well I love investing that's my thing I'm a businessman how much do you think if you added up everything in this room in just this room so if you were to combine the jewelry the first and everything that's wrong I don't know maybe like six seven million words luxury items so yeah let's get your house to do it it's like an entire ten year salary for most people in make up in front of us there's a life okay so this is chanel brush completely unnecessary to clean this expensive brush why would we clean expensive brushes because we're gonna destroy this beautiful brush oh it's fine whatever she says I love that I'm no trash okay let's find a really nice drugstore primer so we're are just gonna use all my shit ahead of just gonna dive in so drugs Japanese version of drugstores like Italy double Atencio instant and long-term primer this is a measly 200 so you know you can find us at Walgreens well we just went out of business honestly my mike you Megan's trash compared to it compared what like I don't even know like I was like which is your most expensive big cars like this one like favor taking this one I don't know you get those around here you know in Calabasas there's a little thank you for the rich air that you're providing me one for the first time ever in my life the diamond yeah I forgot Trisha said look honey you have way too many bags I said you're right but I really need you to have this like the woman like that second sounds like what a good bride I'm like yeah we literally just met in this video we are going to hopefully cut open a $5,000 bag I thought it makes you want to scream like really you gotta wait a minute this is real real estate how much is this bag this is 90,000 Hermes crocodile mm why don't ya rock it out not out it gets cracked at this did you have the crocodile hand stitch it for you Dave this is the one you looked at you thrive duper but they're just so like I would definitely pick this one looks like a cartoon you know but he hasn't driven it before this is amazing oh yeah la is like Ferraris Lambos belly is cute but the Baron is like Rare way more badass gonna get one do this if you want to convertible if you want to McLaren and like no one liked it everyone talked him out of it yay because we thought the friar is right in LA your McLaren it's cool way cooler but to an outsider's perspective of Ferraris always cooler the California king or it's not even a California come on there's no need for is discussed Oh you
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