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    Celebrity jeweler Trax (Maksud Agadjani) knows his grillz. Join him as he breaks down and critiques the grillz of some of today's biggest rappers, including Kanye West, Lil Yachty, Quavo, Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Trippie Redd, Riff Raff, Pharrell Williams, Travis Scott and Young M.A.

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    Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers' Grillz | Fine Points | GQ


    this is Trax and today we're gonna be looking at some celebrity grills everybody has to have their grills if they're in the hip-hop game if they're doing something big grills have to be molded specifically to somebody's teeth and they have to be manufactured now when you're working in somebody's mouth you're putting your hands in there you got to make sure you have gloves you got to make sure you have the right equipment you got to make sure you fit it to the teeth correctly you got to make sure you use dental gold you don't want Tom Dick and Harry trying to make you grills you want to make sure that the people you're doing business with a reputable and do the right job oh so Paul Wall is a grills legend he's got the princess cuts that's a very difficult setting to do it's dangerous I don't like doing princess cuts because I'm always scared and I'm it's gonna fall out crack somebody's tooth when they're biting down on something princess cut diamonds are essentially square diamonds okay it's a nice beautiful name for just a square shape of a diamond and you take these diamonds and you stack them like boxes side by side so there's nothing in between and that's called an invisible setting meaning that there's no prongs holding in the diamond the diamonds are wedged together shoulder-to-shoulder that's what's holding him in and there's bars are gold underneath and sometimes when the diamonds aren't cut properly or this happens or that happens a diamond might fall out if it falls out and it cracks your tooth you're gonna have a big problem because diamonds are very hard and if you don't know you're biting down with your full jaw strength thinking you're gonna close your jaw like you normally do and you crack your tooth in half you're gonna be running to the dentist screaming to get fitted for a grill you got to make a mold the process of getting a mold done well you have to mix in two different compounds and that you have 30 seconds or 40 seconds before they dry so you put them in a special mold put on your teeth press down the real professionals they hit it with a second layer that gives more definition for the proper fit so that's how you get your teeth molded and then it's to the manufacturer to take it from there to get you you're casting the gold the right millimeter width for the right size diamonds you don't want anything damaging you and things like that lil yachty so here you have little gotti with a very unique very beautiful grill set multi colors you got orange you guys yellow you got blue now most likely the orange and some of these colors are very bright you got green those are sapphires or some sort of gem but they're still very high quality it's not a cheap job the labor is very difficult the labor is very high on that they had a beautiful setting main and the craftsman that it was working on those did a good job huevo meet the second sample label invisible began so these grilles right here went viral these are Quay Bowls but get grilles a baguette is a less brilliant diamond that has less facets they were in in the 90s they're back back in the 90s jewelry was in its infancy they weren't really that good now we have high quality quavo only gets the best he's a little bit of a guinea pig though because these baguettes are a new setting and if one of them falls out it could cause a little bit of a problem you can bite on it if you cut your tongue you don't want to experiment with it when you're doing that as grills it has to be considered because you're not just gonna go oops I lost my diamond you're gonna have something that's as hard as any material possibly out there mixing in with your teeth that's a dangerous situation hopefully they did their homework on these grills hopefully they did the stress test and hopefully they got this guy where he's not gonna be having any type of problem but again these are beautiful grills everyone wants them everyone's a fan of them expensive diamonds expensive setting very hard to pick these out so that's another trend for quavo Trippi read so here you got trippy red with the sharp teeth it's a little ridiculous but if you're artists and you want to look crazy might as well have that shark teeth so you're gonna have a bat and he's got inscriptions on it the quality of the blue diamonds is very high they're very bright I know they're blue diamonds I know blue diamonds very well sometimes you get such a real aqua blue with like high quality diamonds so that individual who's making those grills wanted to keep him as a customer and he's got letters on top so it's a very intricate grill but you're not gonna make a lot of sense when you're speaking with sharp teeth riff-raff before trip II read there was riffraff riff rad had similar short teeth these are more like piranha teeth to be honest it's a very very sharp very very crazy very very aggressive look he's got a different type of blue diamond there that knife quite is bright but it's still a good setting and the design is very very intricate however you don't plan to bite your tongue off or teeth like this in your mouth that's a very dangerous thing to have don't go get yourself some sharp teeth have a couple of drinks get an argument and end up going to the hospital rules are not teeth do not eat with your grills in your mouth don't chew gum with them and even smoking is not preferable if you're smoking you're gonna get the same thing that happens to people's teeth when they smoke do the same thing that happens to their lungs you're gonna get a film of tar that's gonna have to be removed you're gonna get your girl's dirty and then you're gonna have to get them cleaned by a real jeweler Pharrell Williams Pharrell with a very beautiful enamel this is a very high quality enamel piece who's got a lot of luster to it a lot of glow it's not like that plastic dull enamel that's always good that's a good material you don't want cheap materials in your mouth especially when they're made out of chemicals those are very beautiful very well done they look like 18 karat gold that's another beautiful set that people would love to see ASAP Rocky ASAP Rocky's got the classic yellow gold grills tops and bottoms those might even be 18 karat dental gold that's what they look like they were done professionally these are not the type of teeth you get at the mall beautiful polish beautiful finish and that's why he's so proud of them in his photo and I would be too these are very very nice and this is what your standard gold tops and bottoms should look like Travis Scott so here you have Travis Scott with a very rare grill set an invisible setting of chocolate diamonds white diamonds pink diamonds and blue diamonds very rare you don't see a lot of pink diamond grills and especially in this type of variety in color so I'm sure he chose those colors himself I'm sure that's the way he wanted it he got in rose gold most likely hopefully dental gold because rose gold can be a little tricky but I'm sure they did their homework when they did these girls for him dental gold is a special type of gold that doesn't have some metal alloys there might be allergens it might not have zinc or it might not have nickel specifically to have in your mouth very rare very interesting grill set something that you're not gonna see everybody have young ma so these are young amaze grills I did them personally so I know the quality we use the best for her we like to keep these people as customers we did a beautiful prong setting for her sick mold of her teeth with two layers of molding we molded them once then we hit it with another layer of a special type of gel that gets all the details so the fit would be comfortable against the gum line so the gold doesn't press against your gums no discomfort no inconvenience from the business to the product to anything else we make sure we take care of our people hundred percent so that's why she's smiling and she looks pretty happy little Wayne so little Wayne has got the classic prong-set grill here the setting on this one looks a little bit old-fashioned he might have had it for a long time he's a grilles originated this particular is a classic he's got white diamonds top and bottom a white gold could be even platinum hard to tell the setting could have been better but he did start the trend these are probably his original pair very very nice very good pieces and clean white diamonds so it's just a classic Kanye West you got Kanye West here with six bottom teeth fully iced he's got them flooded with the yellow gold it's a beautiful look if you don't want to have the full mouth flooded out you could get a couple of teeth done just a touch it's more of an artistic sense obviously this guy's known for his artistic style and everything like that so that's so what he's doing here and it's a nice touch his subtle is just right it requires a lot of experience in the jewelry business to do jewelry correct and you have to have intelligence and you have to have a determination that you're gonna do a product that's gonna satisfy your customer and not every jeweler has that you
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