Making My Brother Think We Got KICKED OUT Of Our House

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    I hired an actor to pretend to be our landlord and kick us out of the house... here's how Ethan reacted hahaha


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    all right I don't know how how many a focus by myself I could use my foot this is like where my head will be what's up guys I'm back and I know you're thinking this is don't twins there's just one of you obviously something's up and there is something up and that something is a prank I can say that as loud as I want right now because Ethan isn't home he he asked me if I wanted to go out to eat and I said no because right now I have a sinus infection I'm pretty sick so I'm just gonna take a nap get some rest so that I feel better for tomorrow because we're coming another video tomorrow but that's not at all what's happening what's really happening is he's getting pranked uh I'm kind of sweating doing this alone is kind of awkward all right so here's how the prank is going to go down so just to give you guys some background the house that Ethan and I live in right now it's not actually owned by us it is owned by a lovely man named is our landlord he's a good guy we haven't met him in person yet but we've talked to him over the phone just through call and text and stuff like that so we don't know what our landlord looks like we just know he's like a cool dude I am not the one that normally talks to him I just like think like when we got the house Ethan got his number and you know like whatever we talked to him it's always off Ethan's phone and stuff like that we've never met our landlord and our real landlord in real life told us last week that he'd love to meet us and he wants to come by and see the house cuz he hasn't been here in a while it's the house he grew up in but he's renting it to us at the moment are real and actually texted Ethan last week that he'd love to meet us a week from then so it's like around the time that it is now or like a couple days from now which is perfect because I need some time to get this prank together so my plan for this prank is instead of having our real landlord show up to meet us I'm going to have a fake landlord show up to meet us so I'm gonna have someone pose as our real landlord come to the house look around look at everything and then kick us out of our house telling us that we only have seven days to get our asses out of here here's Ethan has been doing things that go against the contract that we signed in order to stay at this house basically all the things that annoyed me about Ethan I'm going to have the fake landlord yell at him about and kick them out of the house for since Ethan is normally the one that converges with our landlord through text not me I'm going to have to hijack his phone and go through the text so that I can have our fake landlord bring up conversations that they've had over text so it seems like he's talking to the same guy how I'm going to do that pretty simple my face is his face so face ID will just let me in the morning I'm up pretty early today and you know who's not Ethan obviously time to get anything home that was easy so we're going to search our landlords name is Tex right now since we check all of their conversations that we've had again this is so our vehicle in order can bring up these texts in conversation so there's no suspicion that it's not a real dude I got enough of those never the airdrop those texts that are you screenshotted my phone believe them all Ethan's phone and then pleadings will back he'll have no idea we're good so the next thing I need to do for this prank is to get a few hidden cameras they need to hide cameras around the house so that Ethan cannot see or be suspicious of so that he doesn't know that it's a prank and it doesn't crash and fail right there my goal is free to do not see a camera I'm gonna hide them in like bushes and I'm gonna go to a spy shop and get a few cameras that Ethan will never have a suspicion of it recording him because it's just gonna be like an object the spy shop literally this place is called by the glass we're not even fully from how are you good I'm pulling a prank on my brother see touch here that's good can they turn on this looks good like the clear side I think we got these clear alarm clock a pen pen cam I'm gonna look around it's fine to see that uh I think we'll work out well I got it I got glasses I plan on putting on the landlord and that way you can see Ethan's reaction from his point of view so it's like face to face really funny and then I got a pen that he could put in his shirt pocket that records as well so you'll be able to see Ethan right in front of him in case the glasses mess up or anything like that I will show you guys how this spy gear works when I get home I'm gonna put the glasses on and a pen and try them out I'll see you there all right so the first thing the glasses let's figure out how these things work so now they should be ready to record I just need to figure out how to turn them on wow these are sick did you hear that I feel like a real spy all right and it's recording it's walk around and see how this works so let's say this is Ethan it's really just an that cracker but um this is what it's supposed to look like it's like first-person and stuff like that alright so that is the glasses clip supposedly this little pen that I got at this five floor kind of just is like a like a normal pen right it even works but it's also a mini camera right here alright let's see how well it works yeah Ethan it's just a pen right look again what's up pen I'm talking you pen and it's listening awesome my mind is blown I just filled myself on a pen that's how you know I'm doing this prank the right way because they just felt someone a pen so the spy gear works that's good too down all right so we got the glasses camera the pen camera and I have like 50 cameras right here that we used to go over YouTube videos the last thing that I have to do now is to find that actor to play the part of our middle-aged landlord who's going to get really frustrated with Ethan so I'm gonna go find that guy hook him up with all these hidden cameras and tell Ethan that our landlord would love to meet us okay what's up I'm here at my agency and I'm with Walt who is going to be playing the part of our landlord are not so happy with even landlord and we're just going over the things that Walt's going to say to Ethan and really funny what's one of the things that you're gonna one of the problems that we're gonna there's so many I mean you've come up with some well take the tour through the place it's just gonna be one thing yeah this is gonna get like progressively worse and worse Walt's going to get more and more pissed at all the damage that we've caused to the house when you go to Ethan's room you think this actually should be my room only it's you know it's a little different now I don't like it very much that's good yeah a little bit we should let him lose his buy but I think like eventually we have women tell him but what if our landlord speaks slapped me like didn't I do this thing where like we put our hand under our chin and like even we'll slap it probably go down and we'll do it in public everyone what them he's gonna slap you just laugh here yeah that's where you feel realizing it's probably fake or no freakin right well I'll do it I'll quickly start laughing I'll make sure it doesn't attack I think we gotta pray to you this is a good prank we just left they're doing the entire plot of the prank and it's coming together good we're just give me over some more details and we're gonna get to it tomorrow afternoon is when the prank is going down I'm ready you ready I'm ready let's do it Matt's not even playing the drums in his room right now tomorrow I don't know if the landlord's gonna be too happy about that guys my mom texted Ethan a night in a group chat well I had my mom text Ethan I had a group chat what's up your landlord wants to meet you tomorrow around noon is that cool with you guys I just need the a Ethan said yeah and then we briefly talked about it together today I thought it was a to suss to pull my phone out and like trying to seek sneak film oh we were talking about it because he just randomly came up in conversation but Heath it was like yeah man like that'll be cool like to finally meet the landlord like seems like a cool guy so he like so casually just thinks I was coming I mean he has no reason to suspect anything but I went to the store today I bought four GoPros another SD card we have to go pros and they have the pen camera the glasses cam I have a few other little cameras too that I could place around the house all right so tomorrow I'm gonna be waking up really early in the morning to have a wall coming at 10:00 how do you get all the cameras ready chart them up tonight and then I'm gonna sleep to get a good testimony let's do it good morning so have the glasses can fully charge the pen cam can you charge that six cameras at school we're also going to have the glasses on Walt's face I'm gonna do now is go lay out all the cameras in the rooms and see like with the best angles that we can get are think you're putting me right here I believe you Finn and wallet to this room and I put my pen camera right there in my pen bucket and we're gonna stand right here this is where walls gonna be very very angry find Ethan's bright yellow drumset that is against the contract of the house and I'll have this camera stationed in this corner to get this entire room of everything goes down and we'll have a camera guy right here now when everything...
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