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    Join Click as we try not laugh and try to make the others laugh in a new You Laugh You Lose challenge!

    How many times did you laugh?

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    actually just snap today we're doing the you let's forget it we get it we're doing you laughs you lose long story short we all get milk great opportunity to tell jokes and show a little area sweet hobby challenge works as follows one man sitting in a chair with a mouthful of water each of us okay that got a minute I'm good each of us is gonna take turns telling them a joke if you make them spit the water out you earn a point the two people with the most points at the end will show up in a final 1v1 with the person all right here I go look at me are you can't tickle surely that's against the law no he's holding it my name is alright keep it in great you stay up there oh you stay up here that doesn't count very mouthful of water cry well I just you know tell you about a good of a doctor's visit I had recently you know was lean I've been pretty tough for me I went to the doctors and look me in the face and he was like now Elliot whatever you do don't eat anything fatty I was like what like like bacon and hamburgers and he was like no fatty don't eat anything I think I'd make a drink of it he's st knows oh oh lack thereof hi everyone I'm reading a bunch of jerks from a best life Wow 150 bad jerks I hate Russian dolls they're so full of themselves babushka dolls you know that's great I just went to an emotional wedding even the cake was in tears I went on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation never again I'll get him one get him communist jerk isn't funny unless everyone gets it I think he literally laughed when people looked at you what's the difference between a good joke and a bad joke timing you don't get it cuz timing I I should have said timing it's a good joke a bad joke timing I don't want to get okay and looks funny written because there's no card guys don't get it guy yells forest ranger across the river I need to get to the other side stranger yells back you are on the other side okay remember that time since like sister jokes won't work on bars I have googled horribly racist joke sorry I'll say it again what are you cold one more walked on what's on Laden you say this shirt you got here is um is it is it felt it is now thought I gave me that one yeah why'd the blind man fall down the well couldn't see that well I'm does someone else get in there they don't for the patient's of TT in strategy howdy howdy there partner one good pair of shoes I know he wears them everywhere banana lemon get a second point all right so now it's apparently a coffee Rice's you know you to change that's cool you're at a fruity she's already plenty my fuck your mama's so stupid she stuck a battery up her ass and said I got the power they think racism was so much better ah your mama's so fat when I told her to touch your toes she said what are those she's something wacky oh yeah time can I go back to racism the whole time that's not funny influence uh listen but Musashi's saw the palette it is oh gosh is about to touch me strawberries damn it Bernie had time cry you got ten seconds no he actually touched it now the floor hair piece is something she really hates waiting all names pretty I've had all things to do something about he never laughs my name is Marius my name is Marcus I'm good another meeting what do you call a african-american man who flies a plane a pilot I don't get him did nothing for what supa dupa to say it doesn't work at all right start really unfortunately not your weakness I say he was a strong first I literally have nothing that counts he's pissed himself is that too far nothing Marcus can win Kathleen sorry just trying to help you out here you know squeeze some in yeah I can't uh what's the difference between a good and a bad jerk timing saying it's you know so funny didn't you didn't you thought it was so freakin funny something embarrassing hit him with something baracy well say that say something if she loves me I know Shane would fall that is all about no shit Marcus still weak inside I mean when you took over Elian subs and he pretended like he wasn't mad wait we're always sipping more confident bats flossing so it has to be done no one's ever seen you floss on an elephant camera touching himself all right you guys want to hear a funny joke Lennon CPMC on a vehicle to me all right Marcus you're up I want him dead nice twice all right I'll have to do it then Lennon we actually cops with that in a tried racism are you sure I made that mean I've seen that mean four thousand times we all getting up there combined everything we've tried give us a flask ray think the whole time like I don't even think about I don't know what would have made me like ladies and gentlemen it's all come down to this the final round Crais and Lannon the two most successful people of the laughs you lose challenge and they could be facing off in a 1v1 whoever manages to make the other one laugh and spit out their water will be declared but you laughs you lose champion and that time he told my sister you have a seven-inch paper I was really weird dude that's really weird and it's really sad she doesn't walk you back hey that worked out yeah she said it was your heart she's like no no I'm below five at a time people keep confusing insults with Joe insulting what make you you know she didn't say any of that great you have 30 seconds dark my father left me at the age he did though my relationship of 70 is cancer what get to him is too supportive will get Tim um 30 by feeding you and everyone is often about it hey number two gamer all right guys it's the final round two we have our two grand finalists from the laughs you lose a challenge they both have incredibly full support the god speak they have to try and make the other one with nothing technically he made Christ fit the water with nothing but movement flooding is the winner I don't feel like a winner what just happened some people like to make sense with their videos not us Thank You clicking and subscribe it you want to see more click again there's gotta be something you didn't s today Elliot's tub and if you see stupid cry you do that by yourself that amazed you did that day
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