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    okay so one thing we're gonna need for this week is a car so I've never rented the car before I don't know how it works what state are we in I'm not gonna tell you yet I'll show you the gift shop okay Andrew Shane made me close my eyes why just guide me into where he wants us to go what did he go in here for shame I've been squinting my eyes so I don't see as to not ruin the surprise here we fit in how did you not look at me when you said girls I'm not quite her to feel that yet but I will let you know that food is involved ah you are the queen surprises way cuz you pissing this and fill it all the way up to the top I could I pissed so much let's find a car I prefer g-wagen Oh at least this building you make sense make sense we're on vacation in Texas who's driving I'm not driving anything bigger than the Jeep are we gonna get something big and crazy why not we're here baby okay so we didn't find the car of our dreams here so we've been doing some research and idea not only does it have a table and chairs it has a said it has a kitchen could we stop at Target to make candy land and plant in the RV who said it's right every during America I'm not too over Franklin wouldn't let us get the RVs so got a key but I'm gonna try to get us an RV tomorrow I'm gonna confirm something I'm gonna do it I'm in a four seven we made it to the hotel wait you have me more search because then it's like the past the door you can leave one these con we feel scary this is what is that I like this room me too it's dark so I think what we should do eat something yes and then I'll give you guys a tiny clue of what we're gonna be doing here just give me a quesadilla I'll be happy melted cheese anything that's not you anything's better these are star crunch what is it little donut your friends start run know if they've gotten Starbucks already I'm gonna be oh my god I really okay it's literally true piant we did to this room last night yeah I woke up and it looked like this I literally don't remember any of this what are the babies doing so tomorrow first of all yes yes yes admire my hoodie hmm it's really comfortable fits like a glove because it's a double axe okay so tomorrow is like the actual situation that we're here for but we have a day to kill and I figured since we're in Houston Texas baby where do you argue give me a Beyonce makeover oh my god dress up is like the Koshien go to her old high school and Surprise them I became her once I commit to a role play on David so I was thinking we're in Texas home of like farms which are homes of my family members that I've never met before yes so why don't we get like Texas makeovers go to a farm hand with a pig I'm gonna go to a cowboy thanks heavy cowboy so here's the problem I've been googling for like two hours and I cannot find anybody that will let us come to the ocean and then the other pig farms I've been finding alcohol like I want to come eat a pig and they're like oh no we killed him here so oh god that would be dark make it move mom I died I know oh my god I'm not doing that we need to find a pig farm we need to find a place to get makeovers we need to find a place to get mortgage tips done okay so everybody all hands on deck somebody clean this up who's gonna do that here like literally I clean this up I mean just like to eat everything okay everybody grab a phone grab a computer grab something brown zebra cakes okay all ready and let's find some pigs yes I just want you to notice like our beautiful view of target well we're looking for farms find a place that will give Morgan like a makeover like you want like huge hair okay okay I'm looking up here places Morgan can you come approve this look oh look so I was thinking something like this oh yeah it or something like this that's a little more of like a statement piece ooh I like this one oh I like your hat isn't joking you want from here you know what maybe we should just give you a judges makeover oh never I claim Jojo okay maybe we should just get in a car and figure this out and just drive around and find a place let's go see in the g zom coming early summer oh I was thinking of let's just say fuck you know let's go get you a makeover maybe we'll all get makeovers and then let's try to get more gonna date because she's single we're in taxation on big hair big tits really great side note this was not great wait this is a funeral is this some unintentional brand deal for the gem collection we actually does everything hi wait okay we're trying to pick out something for her we want to look also someone needs to Starbucks it's me so the fucking can you this morning is that what you want to Starbucks perhaps what you didn't it was too early oh look I have inherited some carnage well you get it to me do you want this you have money now here's the situation is that he don't correct me and says she needs Starbucks I want Starbucks sorry that just makes me this way Starbucks I came here for you it's right there right back so fun shooting with you guys we need to figure out where we're gonna actually get close wait when I went to Starbucks earlier there was a girl working there who watched our videos she might know of like places to get a haircut just realize it's similar my body is too the photos in this cake she's sending wait why is that me for 2008 let's see what the tea is we're trying to get Morgan sheesh in it we're trying to get other people we need a piercing shop tattoo parlor big hair and makeup they do drag shows on Friday nights so I'm honest about your living oh my god I'm gonna drink all of it yes wait a minute this is it this is a witch place oh I'm squeaky drinking wait wait wait wait vocalist for the devil should we kiss we could sacrifice ourselves I'm just trying to have a good idea for you oh my god okay that's other guys wait have you mentioned RV the RV okay so two miles away from my hotel I just found out cuz a friend called me and said are you in Texas and I was like yeah I was like he was like where cuz he's from here I told him the st. Regis he was like are you kidding me and I was like no he was like that's two miles from where I Barbara Bush's funeral is tomorrow he's like what are you guys gonna do tomorrow I was like he's like you're not gonna be able to move you're gonna be able to go anywhere it was like you guys have to like leave that part of town cuz it's gonna be just like insane it's gonna be security traffic logs like Clinton's Obama's everyone comes we get to be old bad like we have to like leave he's like you guys are gonna be stuck if you don't leave mom that's that's an actual tissue yeah he's like you're gonna get stopped you're gonna get inspected they're gonna want to look to the RV he's like if you haven't already anywhere around okay so here's the situation so surprise plane let's get the RV in tomorrow yeah if we actually do have to be out of the city tonight then do we get the RV right now and get an RV we have to process these things we have to we're in which store right now because I need to look at these cold rooms when you talk about var delicious pain you're always talking about the RV and also what are we doing here in Texas what I really haven't told you yet in the next video you're the kind of us part of it like what are we doing today girls
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