World Record | Men's 100m Final | IAAF World Championships Berlin 2009

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    Watch the fastest 100m race of all time from the 2009 World Championships in Berlin!
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    excitement was going on the men have come out for the hundred meters final there is the full lineup every single one of the men in this lineup has run a hundred meters in less than 10 seconds and the men in the middle lanes of the three fastest of all time the world record holder boat the US record holder gay and the former world record holder Asafa Powell tyson gay little bit of a question on his injury put problems early in the year but he's run before these championships under 980 between time so from the inside we have Dwayne Chambers of Great Britain the bronze medalist ten years ago and fought in 2001 we have mark burns of Trinidad and Tobago in his third World Championship final verses his times in his progression to get to this final and his personal best is nine point nine six doing his best to get relaxed before the big event next to him we have as the crowd look on and keen anticipation the man who's made the biggest improvement this year from Antigua Daniel Bailey 1st 2nd 2nd and 4th in Golden League events this year he's looked terrific in qualifying and he's run 9 91 this season and sub 10 in his semi-final earlier today everyone anticipating now as we come to the big three the big moments as the big man the huge man is introduced to the crowd the great new same boats the top name in athletics from one of the greatest names in the whole world of sport a great showman and a fantastic talent we've known that since he was a 15 year old and now we see him at the height of his majestic sprinting who saw that in baking what is he going to do today as he goes through his familiar warmup Usain Bolt the world record holder at nine point six nine goes in lane four next to him the defending champion the double champion from Osaka 2007 the American record holder he equalled up this year it's Tyson Gay third quickest of all time at nine point seven seven little not quite as good as Bolton is semi-final but he's still won with finishing with great power and great speed this man the second Jamaican in the lineup for world records Asafa Powell third two years ago but the little question mark he has tended to freeze in a big event only fifth in the last two Olympic Games but nonetheless he's on fifty three times a world record sub ten seconds and he looks in the for me shown so far to be ready then we have Davis dot pattern of the USA second in the US Championships a silver medalist and the 200 meters in the world championships six years ago at a man with the best of 989 another man who run ran sub 10 seconds to get through to this final darvis Patton the second of the Americans in this - Americans - to make rooms one for Antigua one from Great Britain and then we have a second man from Trinidad and Tobago with his strong Caribbean influence it's the Olympic silver medalist Richard Thompson again sub ten seconds to qualify and a personal best from last year of 9.8 9 very very rare do we see such a talented lineup still erect this is a dream race really you couldn't put it together better than this and it's the World Championship final you can almost sense the crowd waiting now for the gun and the athletes themselves are probably the most relaxed in all the stadium I'm gonna go like a jet yeah you probably will you same let's just wait and see it's hard to believe that Usain Bolt can be as relaxed as he is now the moment of truth comes a piece of sporting history we are about to witness who will become the champion of the world here in Berlin the final of the men's 100 meters in the if' World Championships of athletics here in Berlin 2009 chambers burns Bailey bolt Powell pattern and Thompson hush descends on this mighty packed arena old gay Powell four five and six there are ways perfect start by Daniel Bailey Hussain both of any ideas running here he comes Usain Bolt why something you single to three meters and in third place a self-employed smashing the world believable he's done it again a year later rewriting the world record again that is the most incredible piece of sprinting the world has ever seen absolutely breathtaking he didn't just break his world record he absolutely shattered it is there anything this man is not capable of we've just seen something that is just remarkable in Beijing who ease through the line 969 this time and to take a world record by a modular point one one this is history in the Olympic Stadium where Jesse Owens starred in 1936 it's got an ear track it's got a blue track but history once again made here as is congratulated by ass a purple color 1 1984 he got the bronze medal he ran fast he's never done before Tyson Gay smacked the American record 1971 but way way out in front of two of the greatest princes the world has ever seen possibly the second and third greatest ever we've got these same bolts at 9:58 Tyson Gay ran the race of his life take nothing away 9 71 he cannot bow his head to that Tyson Gay he must be proud he's run a personal best in the most sensational final we've surely ever seen wherever you're watching this in the world many many years from now you will remember where you were when you saw Usain Bolt destroy world-class opposition and his own phenomenal world record nine point five eight they are figures that we can hardly believe staggering performance absolutely beautiful to watch this is the greatest human sprinter of all time no question about that you cannot destroy a field whose times themselves could be World Records national records seasons best by the margin which he did if you are not the most superb of athletes and here is the photograph that will flash around the hole in the world you'll see it everywhere new world record nine point five eight and there's the great man Usain Bolt undoubtedly one of the great figures in the world of sport you you
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