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    IT's Pennywise voice trolling enters Fortnite battle royale..

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    Xtortion Audio - Mephisto's Lullaby

    Evolving Sound- Beneath the Surface

    Or Chausa - Dark Tower

    Michal Smorawinski - Forbidden Ritual

    Kings & Creatures - Fears

    Kings & Creatures - Unremitting Cuts


    Georgiy I told you to get off I please just play a little longer just a little longer but when I come back you turn it off okay okay parents are lame aren't they what your mom's not letting you play for longer that's pretty lame isn't it I'm not supposed to talk to strangers I'm not a stranger I'm on your team my name is Christian I'm helping you get the bad guys so what's your name Georgie was it yeah well that's a cool name and how old are you Georgie don't worry about what your mom said Georgie you can tell me come on I'm six almost seven hey Georgie how about you come and join me and we play together in a row I don't know come on it'll be fine I promise okay good boy so when I send you an invite you're going to accept it for me okay yeah all right I'll see you soon Georgie hey Georgie uh hey has anyone ever told you that you have a lovely voice are we playing games yeah but hey I have an idea let's play truth or dare first does that sound fun okay I'll go first ask me truth or dare truth or dare dare so you asked me to do something is there and I'll do it you can ask me to do anything you could dare me to take my clothes off and if you want to have to do it come on Georgie what do you want me to do it dear me to no value no fun okay well how about I ask you truth or dare Georgia okay have you have you touched yourself before what why are you asking me that all right you ask me truth or or give me a dare what's your favorite movie no ask me something else is boring come on you can ask me anything do you want to know if I've touched myself before Georgie isn't my question I'll call my mom oh come on Georgie just asked me Mom okay just just stop answering okay I'll answer your question okay you shouldn't show fear he likes that what what's wrong nothing for no reason yeah five more minutes on there okay okay mom tell me what your favorite movie is okay but don't call it your mom yeah okay okay my favorite movie is Despicable Me do you like Despicable Me Georgie no well what's your favorite movie then it it yeah have you seen it oh I have but I don't really like clothes they're scary that's so funny have you touched yourself before don't be scared mister he feeds on fear you're gonna float look just tell me who you are okay no just tell me who you are Christian we've been you eyes menu eyes meet Christian what's wrong don't like hounds you don't be scared we're going to play capes eat candy have a happy happy fun time oh you want to play hide and seek Pennywise you ready or not here I come you don't want to talk to Peggy Weiss well how about Georgie up to me talk to me talk to me talk to me well we don't want to talk to pin you eyes Venu eyes we'll talk to her Christian it was just fucking - okay haven't you seen a happy happy for so long why don't you sing a song for me twice Christian right tell me what you
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