WWDC 2019 Keynote — Apple

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    Apple WWDC 2019. One big week. Even bigger announcements. Announcing updates to iOS, watchOS, and macOS. And introducing iPadOS, the all-new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR.

    New software and technologies. Hands-on labs. Technical and design focused sessions led by Apple engineers. Anything can happen at the Worldwide Developers Conference where coders, creators and crazy ones come together to do the insanely great. Take a look at the latest updates:

    12:25 Announcing watchOS 6
    Learn more at https://apple.co/2ERUVoH

    28:05 Introducing iOS 13 in Dark Mode
    Learn more at https://apple.co/315fabT

    1:03:50 Introducing iPadOS
    Learn more at https://apple.co/2Xo2qLf

    1:19:30 Introducing the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR
    Learn more at https://apple.co/3184ycg

    1:43:30 Announcing macOS Catalina
    Learn more at https://apple.co/2WjEcFu


    (Applause) (Music playing) >> FEMALE SPEAKER: Don't stay up too late. >> MALE SPEAKER: Come on. >> MALE SPEAKER: All right. >> MALE SPEAKER: Yes. >> MALE SPEAKER: Woo. This is good. (Music playing) (Applause) >> TIM COOK: Wow. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Good morning. And welcome to WWDC 2019. (Applause) It is so great to be here with you today in San Jose. We are so inspired by the millions of incredible Apple Developers around the world. Your dreams and your passion and dedication to fulfill those dreams comes across so clearly in the apps that you create, apps that enrich the lives of millions of people around the world. You make the world a better place and that is why we are here this morning. So, welcome to WWDC. (Applause) WWDC is more vibrant than ever with attendees from more countries and more first-time attendees than ever. In fact, for most of you in the audience this morning, this is your first WWDC, so, welcome. (Applause) Apple makes - Apple makes the best products in the world, products that integrate world class hardware with world class software and a growing collection of world class services to deliver experiences unlike anyone else out there. In March, we held an event to talk about our services and introduce you to some brand-new Apple services. We launched Apple News+ which offers a beautifully designed experience for more than 300 popular magazines, digital publications and newspapers. There is no service out there quite like this. I love it. And if you haven't tried it, I encourage you to do so. (Applause) We also announced Apple Arcade, the world's first game subscription service for mobile desktop and living room featuring over 100 new games from some of the most innovative game developers in the world. Apple Arcade will be available later this year. And we introduced Apple Card which will completely reinvent the credit card experience. Apple Card will be available this summer. And we announced Apple TV+ which is a new home for the world's most creative storytellers. Now, while the service doesn't launch until fall, we thought it would be really fun this morning to share with you a sneak peek of just one of our upcoming show from Ron Moore, the executive producer behind Battle Star Galactica and Star Trek. With his new series, Ron wanted to take us on a journey in which the space race was a little different than you might remember it. And it has never ended. So, let's take a first look at For All Mankind. (Applause) (Music playing) >> MALE SPEAKER: I believe that this nation should commit itself to landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth. >> MALE SPEAKER: After thousands of years gazing up in the heavens and dreaming of this day, a man is about to set foot on the moon. >> MALE SPEAKER: Across the world, people wait with bated breath. >> MALE SPEAKER: Ladies and gentlemen, this is a live signal. There he is. The shock across the nation at this event is just indescribable. The Soviet cosmonaut has become the first to set foot on the moon. >> MALE SPEAKER: I thought it was about being first. It turns out the stakes are much bigger than that. >> MALE SPEAKER: Get back to work. >> MALE SPEAKER: We are still in this thing. >> MALE SPEAKER: Change of plans, gentlemen. There is water on the moon. This race will be ours to fight for and to win. And we are not stopping there. Moon Lab. >> MALE SPEAKER: We need to accelerate the base. >> MALE SPEAKER: You are going to be an astronaut candidate? >> FEMALE SPEAKER: No, I'm going to be an astronaut. >> MALE SPEAKER: We will go to Mars, Saturn, the stars, the galaxy. >> MALE SPEAKER: Drifting right. Watch it. >> MALE SPEAKER: Eagle, this is Houston. Do you copy? >> MALE SPEAKER: This is not the end of the race. We must keep our eyes to the future. >> Three, two - (Applause) >> TIM COOK: Wasn't that great? I've gotten an early look at the entire season and I loved it, and I think you are going to too. We can't wait to show you this series and our other original shows coming up this fall. Now, Apple TV+ will be available on the Apple TV app which is across all of your screens including your Smart TVs. And, of course, the best way to enjoy this content is with AppleTV 4K which offers an immersive cinematic experience delivering the highest picture quality of any streaming device out there. Apple TV is powered by tvOS, and tvOS is just one of the software platforms that we are here to talk about today. So, let's get going. (Applause) I'm excited to share with you this morning how we are going to make tvOS even more entertaining and more personal. We completely redesigned the Home screen, making Apple TV come to life from the moment that you turn it on with full screen previews of the best TV shows and newly released movies. Apple TV is designed to be used for the whole family, but we wanted to make it even more personal. Today, the Up Next list has a mix of shows for everyone in the home, but when you sit down to watch TV, you want to see the shows that you love. So, we are introducing multiuser support for tvOS. (Applause) Now, everyone in the home gets their own Up Next list plus personalized recommendations for new shows and movies to enjoy. Now, and it's easy to switch between family members using the all new Control Center. It works just like you would expect it to. TvOS also delivers Apple Music with over 50 million songs and curated music video play lists. And now, with multiuser support, everyone in the home gets their own personalized music experience. You are going to be able to see lyrics to your favorite songs in sync with the music. This is really cool. (Applause) This is the best music experience on television. Now, Apple Arcade is also going to look amazing on the AppleTV 4K this fall. Playing great games like Ocean Horn 2, of course, is even better with great game controllers so we are extending support to two of the best and most popular game controllers available. Xbox 1S. (Applause) Yes. And PlayStation DualShock 4. (Applause) Yeah. I think there is a few PlayStation fans out there. Finally, let's talk about our beautiful screensavers. We have already captured some of the most stunning locations around the globe and even some from outer space through our collaboration with the International Space Station. This year, we are going under the sea. Oh, it's awesome. (Applause) We've partnered with BBC Natural History unit to shoot beautiful 4K HDR footage, taking you to places that few people have ever experienced before. So, that's the new tvOS. More personal and more entertaining than ever. (Applause) Now, let's talk about Apple Watch. (Applause) Yeah. Apple Watch is the number one watch in the world. It keeps you connected to the people and information you care about just by raising your wrist. It tracks your workouts and motivates you to stay active throughout the day. And with new breakthrough features like fall detection, heart notifications and ACG, the Apple Watch has truly become an intelligent guardian for your health. For so many of us, the Apple Watch has become an essential part of our daily life. Today, we are going to take another leap forward with the watchOS to bring new experiences to Apple Watch while enhancing the ones that you already love. To tell you all about it, I would like to invite Kevin Lynch to the stage. Kevin. (Applause) >> KEVIN LYNCH: Thank you, Tim. Good morning. So excited to be here. We're thrilled at how Watch is making such a difference in so many people's lives. This is driving us to make Watch even more powerful and more personal for you. Let's start with Watch faces. Now, these are something you interact with most every day and we have more Watch faces this year since the very first Apple Watch. (Applause) From simply beautiful to richly detailed, let's take a look at a few of these. First, we have the gradient face which is smoothly animating with the time. Then we have this large Numerals face showing the current hour in multiple languages and the very modern digital face showing you a great look in multiple colors and then the California dial, classic design for a Watch face. Now, many of these faces you can add more information to, such as adding rich complications here right on the California dial. Then we have the solar face. This visualizes the sun's 24-hour path around the dial and you can see it changing during the day or as you rotate the Digital Crown. These are just beautiful. (Applause) Now, across all of the Watch faces, we are introducing taptic chimes. And when enabled, on the hour, you will feel a silent taptic on your wrist and if sound is on, you will hear an audible chime like this. Yes, that's a bird song. It's actually a robin captured at Apple Park. I mean, it was recorded in Apple Park. (Laughter) The robins are okay. (Applause) Now, let's talk about apps. Now, these are designed for quick interactions on Watch. First, we are bringing more Apple apps to Watch. The new Audiobooks app to let you listen to Apple Books and Voice Memos so you can easily record your thoughts. (Applause) And calculator. (Applause) And check this out; it also includes the ability to do tip calculations, including the ability to split the bill with friends. (Applause) Now, we are also giving developers great new tools and APIs to build great apps for Apple Watch. And we are now making it possible to create apps that run independently on the Watch, no longer requiring a companion iPhone app. (Applause) And now you can get extended time to access sensor data and complete sessions like physical therapy with Kya or brushing your teeth with Colgate or meditating with Calm. And watchOS 6 now enables the streaming audio AP...
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