I DID SOMETHING CRAZY (i adopted a cat....)

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    okay hi I live alone living alone is great it's pretty much the only way to do it in my opinion until I get married I'm probably gonna live alone and that's fine I like that but you know it does get a little bit lonely around here I feel like it would be nice man to pick one time I called an energy reader don't ask I was like what do you what should i what what do you think would be good for me to do in my life like what give me some advice sanity reader told me I should get a pet I called my parents and both men were like absolutely not well they told me not to get a dog there's just like no way I can have a dog because it's just it's a lot of work there's a lot of training that goes into it there's a lot of like maintenance whatever and I'm a busy gal even though I'm home a lot I'm still kind of busy well it's just not a good idea for me to get a dog but a cat is not is a little bit less high-maintenance right I was always anti getting a cat because cats can be really moody and like unpredictable and shit and it's like hard to find a good a good cat you know what I mean but recently I was on this adoption website and I saw this cat this photo of the cat that looks exactly like my cat from home named Oliver I immediately was like I need to meet this kitten like I need to he was like my best friend like I loved him more than I even loved my dogs but don't tell my dogs that but like I loved that cat but when I moved to LA the cat Oliver couldn't come with me because he kind of had was all settled in it my mom's apartment like I didn't want to rip him out of his life you know what I mean I'm gonna go potentially adopted cat right now I have this weird like emotional spiritual calling you this cat that I found on the adoption website and it's a rescue cat which is awesome because there's so many cats and dogs but especially cats that are in these shelters that don't have homes so it's really good to rescue if you're gonna ever get an animal rescue I always rescue my animals anyways I don't know if we're gonna get along but today we're gonna go see maybe I'll end up finding at different cats that I bond with who knows but i weirdly have a calling to this cat and i just called a few minutes ago and asked if the cat was still available and he was his name is baby boy currently we will definitely be renaming him if I adopt him but anyway we might literally go and I meet the cat and we don't get along and then this whole video will just be scrapped but if we do get along then we're in for a fucking treat today because this is a big commitment but I think I'm ready it's like having a child like it gives you something to nurture and take care of in love and it's always there for you and it will never stab you in the back anyway let's go to the adoption center hopefully we get along it's like trying to find your soul mate on match.com very unpredictable but could work out no one knows about this so it's kind of like I feel like I'm going undercover it's gonna be kind of weird if my friends come over later and they're like so it's this fucking cat I'm gonna be like well it's mine I mean I don't want to jinx anything but kind of nerve-wracking cause like you don't know if you're gonna get along with the animal that's why I don't understand how people can like like or like they can order animals on my movie that kind of sounds suss yeah but like you know when people they buy the dog before they even meet the dog like I don't know how people do that I would be nervous that me and that animal wouldn't get along it's like chemistry it's like being in a relationship with like another human being except as an animal so it's not a interrelate it's not the same but it's like kind of the same like you have to click with the animal you know but either way I'm excited like even if I just meet the cat and even if it's not a good experience at least I got to pet a cat right okay see you at the adoption center I am here the adoption center is right here I'm gonna film with my iPhone when I'm in there because I don't want them to get scared by my big camera because sometimes I feel like establishments don't like youtubers as they shouldn't I can't believe I'm doing this right now oh my god look at what we have here meat fettuccine oh my god what did I just do his name is fettuccine but I want to rename him because fettuccine is not a good name originally I was saying I wanted to get a grey cat because it looked like my cat from home named Oliver but I end with this little guy because I felt like we bonded really well I feel like I now have a child I feel like we're really connected as one we're kind of like a unit look at his cute little face East sorry I hate baby talk I will stop now literally like what do I name him what's it called gave him the name fettuccine so what if I name him something Italian to go a long way in fact that his name is fettuccine Mario no I could name it Luigi nope okay keep trying comment down below and I should name him cuz I like genuinely don't know he kind of looks like a Simon but I don't really like that names okay I'm gonna have to leave you in the cage for now okay buddy boy you know why are we talking to this cat so weird is he buckled him in I'm Nick bringing the home and see how it goes I can't believe I just did that I'm fucking crazy that was literally one of the most spontaneous things I've literally ever done okay time to go home um yeah okay I'm home I'm in my guest bathroom right now and we're getting a wet little guy out don't have a name from yet what do you think okay so I need to get some supplies for him I have a few things like some like a litter box and some food balls hi hi okay yes some water okay let's set up this litter box just so he doesn't shit you know what's crazy about cats I didn't know is that cats don't need to be potty trained which is fucking amazing so that's good excited about that I'm also allergic to cats a tiny bit you probably get my wife to get a cab if you're allergic to them because I'm fucking lonely I grew up with a cat and it was not a problem as long as I was taking my allergy meds so just adjusted its whatever I have already having allergies though just a slight issue cat litter my favorite food all right so pretty setup here as you can see we got all the things we're gonna need it you like your new home I didn't get here is shitty but here's me and Bay I need allergy medicine holy shit we need to go to the pet store okay cat wasn't gonna be part of the family what's my friends man I'm choosing between the name Riley and the name Declan I think Declan what guys three Declan sighs Riley over here what do we like better one two three Declan okay Declan now we have a name Declan is in the bathroom eating dinner and wow I have him contained I thought I would do a little haul of everything about at Petco my friends were nice enough to go with me to the pet store so that I could buy shit for him cuz I needed moral support okay Katie beds donor oh no put these yet to be determined poop bags litter box Matt I got two new litter box that is very technologically advanced yeah I got a fuck ton of toys favorite thing I got a collar and has little ducks on it also I'm sorry he's crying in the bathroom right now because I left him in there to eat so that he wasn't roaming around my apartment because he's not fully equipped to be doing so yet so anyway I got this magnet for my fridge it says cattitude this was an impulse buy I don't have any regrets on the fridge more toys more toys oh my god these cute marble balls come on more toys more toys more toys like Hello really cool oh I got in this thing you hang on the door so they can scratch fun and then I bought him food but you guys don't care about that so let's go check up on him I know he's doing how you doing come here cute let's see he didn't eat any of his food yet so that's bad but okay wow do you hear that purr one of my main concerns with this little guy was that he wasn't gonna like me um because if you think about it when you get a cat like you know you guys gonna have chemistry in the Kitty store but you never know if like it's gonna be a good vibe when you get home but so far I think he likes me did he pee on the floor my question is like do I let him sleep in my bed tonight or not he wants to come out and explore my apartment I'm kind of nervous my bestie come over here okay it's hard being a new mom like do I just let him run around my apartment or is that like a bad idea sorry okay it is late it's like midnight I look oh fucking like a mess so far vibes have been really good with Declan we're chilling everything's good like I don't know what he's doing right now I'm letting him sleep in my room tonight I set up as you can see little you know litter box water food the whole nightmare to get a little toy mouse rat thing right there I don't know where he is is he oh there he is cookie we are together my admin' getting he needs me um okay look how cute his little collar is wait can you see it okay that was a terrible angle at my armpit that I don't know if I shake he ate a little bit of his dinner I mean he's very adventurous as you can see he's like walking all over me okay well I'm gonna go to bed I don't know how it's gonna go with him like I don't know if he's gonna want to play when I want to sleep like cats nocturnal nocturnal do they even sleep so I'm gonna go to bed and oh you know how it goes hopefully he sleeps and...
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