Returning Destroyed Rental Cars Prank

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    In this video we returned car in an experiement. If you diy this, be careful lol

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    here's what we're going to be doing I'm gonna go to a dealership rent a car take it to a junkyard find an identical looking car take that identical looking car and we're just gonna you know beat the crap out of it till it looks like trash would you like that and then we're gonna take that trash beaten-up car back to the dealership and act like it's theirs and film their reaction and it's actually pretty hilarious so we went to the Nissan dealership and found a car we liked and then we proceeded to rent it so here's us destroying the car did you want to get in this door try it open it now Oh No Wow I really like this car you can see like it's nothing good breeze yeah it does firstly because I doesn't have windows do you have any people like alright I'm gonna try just do the quick release on it I don't know if you can see through the shattered window but we're back at the dealership I'm gonna hide the camera right we're pulling into the dealership that's good yeah we didn't like the way it roads we test-drove it and we hit a pothole and he drove off the road by accident what's the fallout where up Justin I get to do it though yeah yeah when then we went into a ditch we're like all right there just tell them it's a prank take this take this let me go they thought it was real didn't he thought was real you guys ever watch it you have to be a mr. Macy's now we bought a car with pennies like yes can I get a picture with you his son loves us sometimes it's not what it seems have a brand-new beautiful kids I like alright we're on the road boys okay story I'll check our buttons Bob for us I got a mirror boys oh wait my mirror is broken too I'm no no surgeon treating those for us all right grab this and go hide yeah right off the road with this thing they're just kind of driving around and yeah this one was actually an accident yeah you in there yeah beep it was me and him he was driving yeah oh man yeah we were just recording a video we test drive cars and then we drive back destroy cars then see how people react so should we just drive our car away we got it I got a trailer everyone drive subscribe put up your fists if they don't subscribe these guys are gonna beat you up do you see this car this is what you'll look like when these guys are through with you if you don't subscribe yep thanks it's nice yeah as for wheels they only like three dude your car looks amazing how you see through the hole your car looks bananas this is in the car that the monkeys assaulted watch your privilege people are judging us wait just cuz we can't afford a better car doesn't mean we're less human Chris I like it I think the ones in your blind spot I think everything's my blind spot no I'm checking my blind spot we're good man it's raining pretty bad out here they hit us and then we went in a ditch and we like kind of like mr. real fat it happened like we test remember probably gone like 10 15 minutes it's the dishes who's the chair I don't know I guess it fell off I didn't even see it oh yeah remember we've met to pick it up it was unavoidable to be honest I don't even know we had this coming they said you got it from the owner of Lois at like some club or something now the black one will be present at the back tomorrow 50 this is it the horse partners Chris we ever showed the viewers while we were sitting on me and Chris are literally just sitting on shards of glass this one looks a little tougher I don't think we're gonna be able to defeat it yeah you're right I don't feel like breaking this car my own good thing I have a monkey army come here minions I some indeed come here give me content I already told you guys have you touched me no bananas no banana did you touch me all right the car not the ground you idiot you God wait a minute you guys are monkeys you're not in the monkey either this would be the car yeah good job Thanks okay so we're trying to start this car so we can prank some more dealerships with this car but the battery would not start no matter what so I don't know we can't use the car because it literally won't drive Jake I think it's because you went too hard on it stop card abuse oh I like your mirror oh yeah so when your one mirror doesn't work so you just use your other mirror I can't see anything where do you see yourself in ten years oh you see yourself being a camera here that's kind of lame come on set better goals than being a camera come on boys probably bigger still run feel good yeah my auntie for like just in case in know I won $20,000 when I got on my twitch stream donating over here oh you want to take a look at her it's not that bad yeah so you don't want to give us 10 K for it no I have the car for free oh no I'll pay you I'll pay you something boy oh that way the hill help something never get something back at her hey how much $300 okay sounds good okay what do you want us to do with the car there's coffee I'm gonna need you to get that money so we can go to ninja steam and make him drop a gun good buy a car thank you for the viral video we appreciate it Erik give it a smooch for me thank you now kiss the camera all right all you guys close your mouth or eyes and like the girls you go
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