Jake Paul CHEATED at the Challenger Games?

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    here's our here's a list of people that got injured King batch they said say mr. peace Charlie Morley peace model Raza peace face sensor rest in peace Stacy Keach repeats Jocelyn recipe custom Macroom recipes they all died yes people I know what you're thinking huh this happened again welcome back to another video today's video is pretty much gonna be a reaction on the challenger games in the video before this was my vlog my little behind the scenes where as today I'm gonna be reacting to basically half of my race you know since only ran 50 of me is pretty much as you should know I indeed did take pie in the challenge games alongside I'm Alex a nice and give tope gizzle to name a few from the UK obviously there was massive massive names there Logan and Jake Paul you had base cents a face sensor you had King bat she had destroying you had all these massive names competing in little sport sports day kind of thing track and field day no I just thought I'd go out there and I chased that Kyle I'd go and go and get it for once I grabbed with both hands serves me right pretty much I I pulled my hamstring halfway through my brace mean I couldn't compete for the rest of the day oh these things happen I believe that everything happens for a reason I'm gonna be reacting as I said to a few of the races let's get on got my laptop here to the first arrange running out here and before this none of us have any clue what was going on we just Nicki got home to run out yeah everyone was just a little bit like I've been where we're going what we're doing bye there's Alex just saw Alex there me and give come out in new egypt we're out and you see us King back there was loads of people that I mean I'm a lot of feedback me and you bow there we are you know yeah that for the first event that was up was the 400 meter dash oh one that no one that we knew properly was competing in this so we were just you know watching from the sidelines to see with what the competition was like and pretty much I believe Steven share the one in Lane one just sort of smashed it pretty much I'm not sure like what good 400 meter time is but compared to everyone else look he's obviously based in it and he did go on to win so fair play to hear me actually won I think the overall thing as well because there was two heats and a final which I think he went on to win so which others he won money cherry so fair play to you my friends and this was he to which I believe Beck's went on to win and he ended up coming I think I want to say third overall yeah maybe next year 400 meters is something that maybe I'm I might go in for I think it's a very hard race because you gotta find that that in between of like a sprint and a run jog kind of thing because obviously you gotta last distance yeah I've never actually done 400 me is whenever I was at school I always used to do 100 meters and relay and trouble jump so yeah might be interested so now we have the women's 400 meters which was actually a straight final I'm pretty sure I think correct me if I'm wrong but like mer bear or someone won it I think is her name yeah she be stood it again so fair play to her she went on and won I think that was just a straight final as I said so yeah there she is number five mare bear or Lane five yes she smashed it Eve is where low good reap old his hamstring and a lot of people I know didn't believe him he definitely had pulled his housing before his leg wouldn't look like it did now this is actually the clip I think he did he doesn't look warm up and you see he pulls up now he does that little does that little lot hop and I think that's when he thought he was saying to himself yeah crap I've and he was holding it there there's just a few clips that he does it and he knows he's like this isn't good this is game over yeah he says he says to his assistant he's like mm-hmm no no my legs not good and obviously got if you were just he's telling someone telling someone pulled it again and I was so excited to see if he you know he could back this up this massive thing that obviously he was saying was that he was the fastest entertainer and unfortunately he can't show people what he's about and I reckon looking at Jake but Jake is quick but yeah I think I think he would have been quick but we'll get on to the race and uh in this heat you had a few no one that I knew would have been quick apart from Logan who's obviously injured but I think you obviously get fuzzy to fall over and you've got George Janko at the front and I don't know who this other guy is but you obviously just take no the this other guy I don't know who won he got a 12.5 Jorge Janko came second which means I'm pretty sure them two in the final so yeah good race good heat one now you get heat two now we've got Toby's in this heat you got face sensor Jake Paul Bradley Martin tanner Fox just to name a few they're off actually mr. start surprising face sensor it's actually quick it's just unfortunate he got injured Jay Paul's coming through face sensor at this point is level with Toby Jay Paul's far behind but he does say that catching our faces I feel sorry for him because that he could have won that race you know we've got me and Toby spoke afterwards he actually like did a weird thing during his run he just started like nearly almost like falling and yeah but face sensor arguably could have won that race if he didn't get injured he's quick for a big guy but I think Jake Paul officially took it boys and girls now is the moment of truth is my heat is my heat it's my time I'm thinking I didn't know how quick destroy him was I knew it was quick but I didn't know he was that quick I had obviously King batching my heat as well I knew he was quick I knew face sensei was quick but you know I was confident as well as nervous just thought to myself flirt I'm here I'm just gonna run and you can see I'm stretching my hamstring and I actually said to Toby and man it was like my humming doesn't feel right that something's weird about it but here we go we're all lining up off three two one bang we're off and I didn't get a great start but here we go destroyer was he gone and had this moment at this moment now I'll pause it for you I am pretty much this is this is when I get into full stride we're probably what 30 40 meters in I'm pretty much getting into full stride now I'm basically level with Faison same batch and I'm gaining and I'm gaining and I'm level now pretty much with both of them and you know I'm gunning I'm gunning batch pulls up and then I go and sensei goes and I felt as soon as as soon as I felt my like pop I knew straight away I actually collapse well I didn't collapse I just sort of like fell to the floor see people came over and asked you can see sensei's in pain batches limping over there it main thing which annoys me is that I I've I don't know like my 100 meter time and I'm confident that I could get like a 12 12 3 12 - yes it's annoying not knowing like what time I got and not being able to race properly but it happens also one thing to notice is this guy who's actually next to me in the black hat will watch the race one more time oh I am a good second in front of him hit before my hamstring goes well my hamstring goes I'm a good like second in front of him there and I'm not gonna lose that like I was I was gonna comfortably get at least like four I think I think honestly I would have gained too second by that by that extra like fifty meters is when I'm mom full stride I'm gun in so that's something to note that guy in the Hat I was I was a good second in front of him so just remember that for the fine now we go into the women's hundred meter final straightaway there was no heat charlie Jordan I've never heard of that before but we got told that she was fast and one to look out for us that's exactly what we did and it was hard to miss her she ran like thirteen thirteen and a half seconds and she was straight out the blocks and gone no one's catching her it was level for a bit but she have stride she was gone and I think she went by comfortable like two three seconds which is incredible in a hundred meters so now we had the event this is after I didn't actually see this event because I was injured and if you would have watched my vlog I got taken off to see my ambulance and the fire brigade then also but this is the 15 1600 meters which obviously give was in and I was rooting for him but I'm fortunate I didn't get to watch it the mile now we were was he discussing game plans but what do you do what are you gonna do and I think it all goes out the window when you just start running and he was he was nervous going into this race there was a few people who have done iron men if you don't know what that is that's basically like pretty sure it there's an iron man there like 50 60 miles long and they run through like the deserts they run through all sorts disgusting and they've ran these and then you obviously got Ryan Garcia who's a professional boxer so he's gonna be fittest anything give had his work cut out and the one thing he was very annoyed at is he didn't actually get his little moment to shine they cut away to the girls at the back whilst he overtook like two people on the last hundred meters to come I think like fourth or something which is unfortunate but you know fair play to him he beat his PV by like oh just under a minute I believe so well done give out so now the women's hundred meter hurdles now Charlie Jordan was one to watch but I think this was like a car got a common brand amber she did well in second yea...
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