Anything You Can Carry, I'll Pay For Challenge

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    I took people into stores and paid for whatever they could carry

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    anything you can carry I'll pay for but if you drop one item you get nothing all right pick a store any store if you get Best Buy I'm literally gonna walk out gasps yes all right so we're here at sheets this is what he drew whatever you can carry in this gas station I'll pay for pretty sad I wanted to get Chris that beef jerky but I put it hey it's okay men be great this is Chandler's brother Zach Chandler had to go to a doctor's appointment so Zach's gonna fill in for me I'm not gonna make you draw from a hat since your tailored brother where do you want to go all right we're gonna go to bed fine whatever you can carry I'll pay for it but if you drop one item you get nothing oh yeah by the way guys Chandler's brother is freakishly tall also he has a name you shouldn't refer to am a sailor's brother expensive laptop you have most expensive laptops yeah I need content he wants free things it's a win-win but you gotta tell us some stuff about Chandler let's just say like you might've missed hundred $49 HDMI cable all right bet oh he's looking out for do you want this thing well that's good to know Jay but you won't want to get him the Yeti caster hey you want a Google home no the government my house see but he drop someday I'm adorable hi Garrett drop deep jerky and that felt bad this guy's like three grand are your arms gone not good okay okay can you do one of these videos it'd be more fun if it was my money really if I had fire merch like this - so true they should go buy it okay he's got it you want it right here oh that's where this okay I will put this right here yeah seven grand yeah shot mr. Dean section I'm a nice calm I'm not gonna act like I'm not making a video out of this promise me you'll buy the tea actually high five hoodie I don't want to see you not in this movies me I'm getting the Joker read well that's my favorite one so how much is it 71 3030 what does that cover it probably so how does it feel man you bought a bunch of stuff what is it seven thousand yeah comment what you like better is a core Chandler Chandler anything you can carry it I'll pay for anything I care I'll pay for yeah how much do I cost all right now you can't put him down or you live where is it Chandler why don't you prepare for this challenge I didn't know I was coming all right he picked it up he cannot put this down if this touches the ground you get nothing we need the LED strips also doesn't matter I get these these are $30 get it TV they don't look that heavy yeah you're right so it's now this guy was in our battle royale mice book yeah you're right man shout out to this Walmart I've been kicked out of one where so many times but this one's actually pretty chill okay oh he already touched it was this a mistake probably yes channel you want some pins oil just shut a gun for a TV it's funny help we want to do video spending money and we get kicked out it's like they literally don't want our bunny so Chandler you spent eighteen hundred yeah dude Ethan our other editor drew food lying and as we all know food shopping isn't you know super entertaining so I'm gonna speed it up but put some rock music on it because that's entertaining you obviously know what the best area is right stay together on three one two three Captain Crunch waffle all right Eason how much money was a grand total of 106 dollars sweetie that's all you can spend those 100 bucks come on we're at a discount yeah drawler store yeah you drew Adam and Eve do you know what that is like a Bible shop right yeah they probably sell like Christian things cuz Adam and Eve I can't wait to read about King James whoa I like it man I thought it was just gonna be Bibles but it wasn't Bibles Taylor's not allowed in here figure you should probably get this a really fancy ping-pong paddles all right now you have to play a lot of this point I was really excited cause in college I was a ping-pong champion I love Tom Chandler's just sitting up I felt it kind of he just so I could secure anything you can carry I'll pay for you got it you're little you know ping-pong paddle how about this what is this I don't know figure let's not walk over here and let's keep this blurred okay I'm into the maids already yeah I'm kind of into what is that is that making me miss Mouse yeah I'm in my holiday it's called the jackhammer multi sensation and it's 600 all right all right to the counter it's the jacket we gotta go join the Chandler this is - unholy for me how much was the total 1069 read a lot of Bibles notes so Adam and Eve doesn't have anything to do with baubles Dick's Sporting Goods looks like I'm going to dicks we already go there with Garrett get it cuz Adam and Eve so we're here at dicks why isn't it blurred let's do it what you what's your plan here I want to buy my hat that hat I always wear I want to like a thousand something that's a great one hey there's only one left give me the time I need some shorts Chandler if you want anything just go Tommy yeah got some spandex sure Taylor I miss when we used to play baseball every day here you go looks good hit some hits a baseball you need a helmet no do me how does it feel to participate in your own challenge great honestly I love getting free things wait aren't you painful anyways my arms are tired I just realized either way I'm paying for it so who cares your total is one thousand three hundred twenty six dollars and 52 cents no we bought some best let's go hit some baseball there we go all right that's all I want it Chris draw the store from the Hat whatever you draw is where you get a go anything you carry from the said store I will pay for it what is it Chris drew party city all right Chris let's go to Party City sweet I can beat 40 different people for Halloween honestly Chris I'm seeing a lot of items you could buy Chris trew Party City which was pretty boring so I sped it up for you guys what's going on back here yeah Chandler calm down no look draw last or from the Hat what is it Walmart j.crew Walmart we are going back there Chandler was that Walmart only spent eighteen hundred dollars let's see if you can beat them that's it all right follow us hi Jake we are here on Walmart when he does do it whatever you can carry I'll pay for anything touches the ground you don't get it no gift cards go first oh well now you have to pay for it okay if you need this dirty bra dude about together you see we're gonna like sabotage like this right now where did you get this awesome hoodie well shot mr. Chris calm Chris do you want to know what paid for your dora costume yes I've looked at that amazing frosted beast hoodie you're wearing thank you for 30 days well look what Chandler got oh dude this game over I got the double strap hey I know this all but guarantee jerky he lost so you didn't get any did he drop one thing one thing is tragic so tragic okay first thing I buy as a plunger take guys poops yeah secure check out so so far we're at two Greene told us we'll be channeling so right here as you see it there's an L I'm gonna have to you does that it's my collection but at least you got stuff I went to Party City I've adore thee yeah thank you I'll take this L I have too many anyways your turn draw store fusion skate shot is useful I'm gonna get the squad sunglasses and then apparently get this blouse because I touched it you didn't have to grab it it just was a complete reaction and now have this just gonna go ahead thanks man oh look a jogger if I touch it can I buy it I'm going to pick out five pairs of sunglasses right I'm gonna FaceTime my mom to get her to pick them out hey what's up I'm gonna turn the camera around and you tell me which one's dad won't appreciate it I don't know what do you want lady but so I faced on my parents asked my dad what he wants sunglasses easy my mom wants a surfboard all right if you have any issues blame it on your mom we just stopped filming and plover talks grab that Baker board all right now the very bottom okay put the shorts on top take I'll check out check out check out where we're going that is really complicated no just put on circles we can pile things on a circle stop adding things it's so Heather's and it's official since it's a skate shop it only makes sense for him to go down the ramp with all the stuff you just bought if he drops it he can't keep it all right Chris don't drop anything okay we're since you sacrificed your nuts you can keep everything let that be a lesson if you drop something and sacrifice your balls I'll let you keep it Hannah is one of our trio of editors please draw last or no dollar tree it is Erin we'll see you there okay Hannah what's your game my game plan is probably find the most expensive thing I possibly can which will probably a dollar whatever you can carry how about it what's up all right what value you have to have to get something for you okay so we're having an Easter party and we're gonna get lots of chicken don't let her drop it we're making Easter baskets and we don't even know what Easter if it's today happy happy bull look at Lee even he's not editing this video so because everyone Ethan he's a butt face frozen tattoos okay put it back so this is gonna be the game the main attraction of the party for six years and over Chandler you can't play that's good thank you six years to put that together let's get out of this dollar store let's go to ours ours is way better Anna congratulations many of you may not know this but we'r...
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