I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

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    I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...

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    do you like food me uh yeah why had they me just wondering let me ask a better question what would you do for 1 million dollars probably so would you have your mouth wired shut forcing you to be on a liquid diet for an entire month in order to achieve enough money to buy you like 900 overly priced smartphones hmm any long-term side effects I don't know drama maybe some more like flashbacks or something yeah okay cool cuz you're doing all that except you're not doing it for a million dollars what you're doing it cuz your jaw sucks you're in pain all the time and you have trouble chewing without luck John no no also you're doing it for two months I had my mouth wired tail for two months and there's one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth wired shut it uh it sucked for context I was born with what people in the medical industry like to call a piece of crap my job was a bit crooked and using it in any sort of way would cause me some sort of mild discomfort or pain even in the most mundane ways for example doing simple tasks like eating talking yawning blowing bubbles you know everyday things definitely didn't help in the own self-confidence department either cuz having a cricket join also a body that needs to that needs to grow I grew up with my jaw slowly developing outward nothing too crazy but enough to make me not smile in any picture for most of my life no no shut up shut up none of that no but yeah I mean it wasn't that big of a deal I was able to hide it relatively well and for the most part people either didn't notice or just didn't care it really didn't start to affect me both mentally and physically up until three years ago when I guess I had my last growth spurt or whatever things just got weird basically my job would lock up the muscles around it would be a pain all the time and I want to be able to say certain words without slurring lisping or pausing to let the gears turn in my head for that next word I want it stumble on what did I just say so I got surgery everything's fine I don't want to talk about that oh hey we've been taking food for granted our entire frickin lives okay I know there's some of you peeps out there thinking Adam I love food I would never disrespect the thing that brings me eternal joy every couple hours but hear me out you know that one saying you never know what you had until it was stripped away from you for two months well it's true you see after jaw surgery you have to have your jaw wired shut for two months or so they do this by using your braces a rubber splint some rubber bands and then just like tie everything together in gym you also have to be put on a liquid diet for four to six months because bones a stupid and just be like that now one of these alone would suck major poop but put them together and what do you got bippity Boppity oh god please mercy are you are you verse two weeks we're in that bed I mean things did suck because I was super swollen literally couldn't speak her breathe and was in a bit of pain but it'd all be worth it in the end or a nice callback me things like communicating what I wanted like chocolate melt course the worst cuz I physically couldn't speak I literally couldn't make noise ask for even the simplest of things because of how tightly wired my jaw was so I had to use a pen and paper to write down my thoughts and needs like chocolate milk to make sure things were properly communicated good thing too was I was in the hospital recovering for most of that time and was being taken care of by really competent and polite nurses who apparently couldn't read and never brought me my goddamn chocolate milk but I was fine it wasn't until week three when I began to panic the day I was finally able to leave the hospital but the entirety of those days I had nothing to quote unquote eat except for these things called boosted dreams and I thought because I was leaving it meant no more wires and no more freaking treats found out I was hecka wrong when my doctor came in to let me know right before I was about to go that oh yeah by the way you might need to have your jaw like this for another six weeks I broke dock you broke me I went home that day in the biggest funk I have ever been in in my life take away Adams food I don't know after a couple days of sulking and regretting things got a bit weird well one day I was laying in bed just contemplating my very existence when my brother hit me up to let me know he was coming over to bring me more food a couple minutes passed by and my brother finally shows up at my door with a big crate of those booster drinks so I invite him into the house and we both begin walking towards my kitchen as we were walking towards my kitchen I noticed that he has another bag with him I didn't think much of it for a slight second until well I did my mind immediately started racing and got curious as fuck what's in the bag I thought it could literally be anything anything my heart soul desires new boobs chalky milk toothpaste that I needed because I ran out another bad what the Freak was in that goddamn piece of Earth destroying plastic I had to know who's driving me mad all within the two seconds of seeing it so the power of detective ISM I developed a push to design specifically to keep the questioni in a mindset that would lead me directly to the answer I was looking for hey what's that yeah mom told me to bring you some super it's tomato I looked down a pure ah a spotlight flashes onto the plastic Tim full of tomato soup and a halo light theme song begins to play in the background the camera pans back onto my face with a single tear on my eye looking up st. Thank You finally something different let me just give you a little perspective on how desperate I was to have something different I was advised by my doctor to stray away from any foods that might be a little too hot to eat temperature wise because it could mess with the healing process meaning this tomato soup was cold I also should probably mention that I adam ak's something else hate tomato soup tomato soup is gross and even with these major deterrents I didn't care I was ready to strip down but a snake in and just go ham on that tub of ice cold tomato soup in a blink of an eye I snatched the tub out of my brother's hand threw it in front of me and open it right up at this point my mouth is sopping wet drooling from the mere sight of food that wasn't just one of those stupid drinks I was stuck with I grab my spoon dig in and I swear to God I have never had something so goddamn good in my entire life it was literally just tomato soup from a box cold as hell but it tasted as if Gordon Ramsay himself served it up with a bedtime story and a loving kiss I was in heaven but things quickly turned south when my brother decided that it was gonna have a little taste you know how if a tiger gets food it gets all stupid protective and ready to eat anyone who dares to try to snatch it from it well he grabbed his spoon went in for a dip and as soon as his spoon touched the red goopy gelatinous mess that we call tomato hi grab his hand stared at him intensely and said with a muffled voice I was gonna eat him I was gonna eat my brother with no regrets he was testing me I mean of course I did it because my mouth was wired shut that was a wasn't a different headspace okay I think it was at that moment that I realized I might have a problem so to prevent these types of situations like potentially devouring another human being over cold tomato soup I decided it was best to figure out ways to potentially cope interestingly enough I found that the best way that I cope with this situation was by heading on to good ol YouTube and watching other people eat cold tomato soup what you know the term living by curiously I get it I get it now I never understood what that truly meant but I get it you see after not eating solid food for about a month and a half now I found myself just binging YouTube videos of people going to places buying food and eating it why hell why the Frick not I mean some could say I was performing some form of torture upon myself but I will argue to my grave that it honestly made me feel so much better throughout the rest of the wait I don't know why there's probably some psychology to it and I'm no expert but when I would watch these food eating channels I would feel so at ease the planets would align the cosmos would shine fluorescently glimmering with its glory and I would be at the center just drinking boosted drinks happy and watching these people eat food isn't that Janner I have like a silly name to it mukbang or whatever how the audience's are starving people cook god with lazy content anyways I don't really know how to end this video it was honestly just a lot of complaining but I think that's kind of funny although I went through a bit of hell after getting my jaw surgery done I want to reassure people who are going through the same thing as me that it's 100% worth it in the end run two for two nice with me I've never been more happy being able to smile and not be in pain all the time I ended up getting the wires finally taken off and and now I'm on I think at the time of writing this month five question mark question mark question mark and I slowly over time upgraded from liquids to mashed potatoes to pasta and now solid food so here's a video of me eating my favorite thing in the world for the first time in months enjoy white rice black beans steak pico de gallo hot sauce lettuce tomato cheese and guacamole all wrapped into overly sized tortilla that should be called from this day on some things I can handle this right now nay handle this right now but uh I love it oh wait what you guys want for me to be honest not really gonna be like an overly d...
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