Ordering Water Then Tipping $30,000

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    You won't believe how they reacted to the $30,000 we tipped!

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    we have a $30,000 budget for this video but we're gonna start off with a penny so we're gonna slowly work our way up and then do a thousand dollars five thousand watch the whole video the further you get into it the crazier the tips will be this first ones a penny yes so do we just dip the penny I just walk out all right viewers here we go one penny so we hit bigger the more we go on trust me we will do ten thousand dollars eventually right there yes have a cup of water how much is it thank you thank you this is a dollar in quarters and we're gonna head up this time we're gonna tip five dollars whoo don't worry guys we're slowly working our way up we're hashtag pranksters mad this isn't me I'm gnarly prank brah over here five smackeroos five smackeroos ten smackers ten smackeroos right here on the corner of the table all right Jake Pollard's where I leave at 20 and abort these waitresses they're doing a great job giving out water you take that one I'll take this one so we just did 20 so now they get 40 oh yeah so next we do 100 right okay you can just keep the change no I'm sorry I cannot accept the change of 100 for the bottle order though that's fine thank you yep some good water oh we actually don't work yeah where's Lutin tree apparently $100 and water I took a picture of upon the snow cart Roger otter Delta Delta am I making sense i $200 subscribe to mr. B's he's a good guy cuz he just helped you pay rents later man what is this note say thanks for the water one problem when I just hey yeah are you serious yeah that's me so we welcome the problem he said he's about to get a hotel good hey Jake the waters pretty good like that good yep and then a strawberry banana smoothie or a pear whatever okay yeah yeah it's pretty good these are really good thank you here's the tip yeah thank you that's pretty good appreciate it can you pay with the card wow that was good these these are literally the best thing I've ever had thank you have a good day man good to see you thank you thank you first before we leave we must taste test the water no one has a hint of styrofoam 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 put on one there you go 21 savage is on the table so we're breaking the rules a little bit we got kind of hungry so we're not just ordering water this time pour it in water and some food so as you can see our bill was a our bill is 111 dollars so that should come that should cover the bill right so then that will wish you tipper this is two thousand dollars let's see how we react to two thousand dollars compared to a penny this do you mind if we sit here okay thank you hey have water honestly some pretty good water it is can you take a picture of my note yeah I think I lost some money oh and then so one two three four five it's can you see your camera KC it all right boom that's good it's a pretty good water Oh water for two hours to help you water 1940 pictures sick is that good for your viewing pleasure where's my pocket out found it that's a lot of all right Jake parlors and low gangsters how much money is that a grant how about the top of that two grand that's three grand 3 grand how about that five grand it's like four and a half how about that that's like seven that's Ted dude just holding it feels a sale of it I want to hold it hey Jake you act like a waitress give me a heart waiter give me a water here's ten grass hey how do we pull this off thank you thank you no yeah do you want to do the honors already ha wait we got taste tested good tastes pretty good yeah does it doesn't look good like that oh there she goes yes how did she just stay to this she called her manager ha ha ha ha she's got her manager okay are you the owner yeah you don't hang some service over here yeah give me water I'm really right countries funny story we recorded this video a few days ago and since then a ton of news stations have picked this up and ran stories on this we were on the front page of Fox News Sky News all these different news stations were covering it snapchat covered it we were on Indian national television and just so many news stations picked up this story about me ordering two waters and then leaving a ten thousand dollar tip which is kind of funny because I've done many videos that are much bigger than $10,000 but for all of those who are just watching this because you know you read some news article or you know you heard about me from some news station I just want to give you a quick montage of some other things I've done because like literally this isn't even the craziest thing I've done dollar donation says unreal why is happening oh my god oh my god wait mister mister piece just donated another nine thousand we're gonna give her a fifteen seconds on a stopwatch and every time she blinks as a thousand dollars all right let's see this is it's one yeah right there - she got - all right it's been fifteen seconds Hey wow that was fast what's up guys we have tons of money right here like twenty thousand dollars we have a drone drone um yep we're gonna drop money from the drone on completely random people and yeah this is going to be interesting Eric my whole life everyone's told me if money doesn't grow on trees like what do you say what is what is this seriously dude what the heck I know dude I'm tired of people lying to me money does grow on trees you
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