Tiny Room Makeover! *Under the Stairs*

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    look up first Wow like a little princess cavern and in the hot you wait what the fuck I know I'm a designer oh my god okay so I came to home goods because I'm trying to get some inspiration for the panic room I want to redo it into like what could be like a dog hangout slash potential podcast studio so far like when I walked in well I found mr. froggy or the garden hi but I think this was like the main focal point of inspiration because I kind of wanted to have like a little bit of pizzazz well still like being neutral but fun but I thought like this worked really good the base of the inspiration for what I want the room to be hi all right so first I need to like really figure out like the space I have and how I'm going to make it like comfortable and inviting when it's such like a small dark space so in case you forgot what the space looks like there is a pretty sizable entryway this is like a nice welcome area and it has really tall ceilings I gotta figure out how I'm gonna cover all of this carpet and then it opens up toach this long area which I want to really turn into like a fun hangout zone and then maybe back here can be like the dog zone maybe some cute shelves or something would be fun so I'm gonna measure and make like a little diagram so I can figure out everything I need now I'm like piecing things and I have like a cute rug coming that fits exactly in the dimensions I'm thinking about a dog area for this under the stairs mean bags facing each other with like a cute table in the middle with like some plants I got to figure out the entryway and the walls right now cuz it's all carpet I bought some really cute like hanging lights that are gonna look really cool when you walk in and also when you're just sitting to set the vibe of the room mr. Morgan and I have into Malibu which hi so cute we're gonna go cover yourself summer I got oh no oh wait okay we're gonna go into Urban Outfitters see if we can find anything for the panic room okay I think I really like this because it's for a chill room and then I want to put this little cat this cute cat next to the plant what'd you find I don't know a neon sign doesn't like fit the chill vibe in there I'm going more for this what is this I do need wall tapestries or like something to cover the nasty carpet I don't hate it but I don't love it didn't realize how close we live to the beach now which is like five minutes already think we just came here during sunset now I'm thinking like summer is gonna be the most lit I'm gonna learn to sir and I just wanted you guys to enjoy this little sunset as well yeah I think so all right it is day 3 of shopping for the panic room and I'm starting to concern myself because I'm taking it so seriously and I honestly think this is a room that we probably won't utilize that often I thought you were gonna decorate it in like an hour remember like one day but then I got insecure and I was like wait if it looks ugly then there's no point in doing it and just I'm like very conflicted but today I'm dealing with the wall situation day 3 of my swollen mouth oh my god first stop home deep out again I remembered I was like doing something in the basement he was like and that's dad way he got himself yeah no that's definitely gonna be me honestly my inspirations Khloe Kardashian family room like a surefire way for the two of us to die look at this pizza cutter oh I thought the staple guys beautiful oh my gosh there's lots of options okay hold please next up to Target they did not have whiteboards at the Home Depot in Rico I got more than just the curtains I came for but I think it's gonna be worth it this is for a different section of the house it's going full out on decorations today alright you guys so welcome to day one of basic renovations I have almost everything I'm gonna load into the room but before I start doing that I've been in here for the last like 30 minutes redoing like two of the walls so I'm gonna do like the sides gray and then this is gonna be white with a white board I've just been like staple gunning I'm so masculine staple bedding the curtains up to the walls it has not been easy but I have all of my ready to party Walden Jurassic Park car for a dinosaur man old a space with some little baby hands you'll need those ghosts in that way and I go shoe it's me not you but I'd rather fuck drew Cheadle ran away from you oh no won't buy hay for you your old ass hair was straighter than you'll ever be a not even that good straighten out your sexuality okay so yeah you can see that this wall is done similar to the way that this hole in this wall 7 waiting for the rug to start loading things into this room and it finally arrives so I gotta see if it fits and then hopefully put everything else ok so the room isn't completely done yet so I don't want to do the full reveal this is kind of like the dogs corner back here but they're already in here oh hey guys okay so I have been waiting so long for the final piece for the panic room makeover to arrive and a week later it's here but I'm actually honestly concerned if it's gonna fit and the box is very large and if this doesn't fit I'm gonna have to go up the most extravagant scavenger hunt to find like a new seating arrangement for this room this will fit through the door no I guess I didn't measure the size of the door okay so I need to clear everything that's currently here to make room to see this bad boy wolf it I mean worst case scenario I could go in to go over that okay try telling me that's not the cutest most perfect little bean bag for this space I am obsessed with how it looks and honestly even like what are you doing I'm getting new objects from where this one's for Shane its hear no evil which means you can't hear like any Nate look at me on Twitter wait wait see what yeah oh my god are they Brutus yeah and this one's you'd see no evil and that's you looking at how much your bank account is left after taxes oh god wait he means a good fortune so Vito win it all back and this one's for Andrew which is speaking of evil sorry was the last in the little tiny storm this is so lame but they are like right next to each other when I saw them like I didn't staged or anything and I was like that has to be good luck and they were like the wrong spot together make sure but I had to buy the baby probably stuck sure I could put these in my room speaking of which are you guys ready to finally flee got nervous and I'm trying to oh my god we can play both of our dancing pigs at the same time wait what what happened you know it may not make me cut but if he lost his phone like me you lose your phone in the car that's a good start actually that pig kind of does look like me the more that I looked at that he cooks Rosanna pansino as a boy loves me he was in love with you too okay oh there's literally a toolbox wait what wait for it this is the final touch in my room that I'm about to wait okay honestly though are you guys ready Morgan's like kind of seen bits and pieces of it but she's seen none of it put into the room I don't remember I have a short-term memory loss I spent I get like an embarrassing amount of hours come on okay are you ready to come in wait Lucy what is well since Morgan 30 knows a little bit about what's going on I'm first gonna show you like you okay like shove someone you didn't like in there come in look up first Wow like the little princess cavern in the yeah wait what the fuck I know I'm a designer oh my god I mean it's like a small space so you have to be careful that you don't like hit and run into everything and then over here you haven't even seen this side yet well it keeps going in and out but it's a light chill sign look isn't this the cutest beanbag you've ever seen in the rug oh my god I staple gun to all of these curtains to the walls it took hours and hours and then Oh hold on you got to come and look over here though oh my god we're gonna get in there it's a small space you look like you're sweating oh well yeah get ready Morgan's gonna do actually 24 hours inside of the panic room and it's like there's not much ventilation I like about a fan are you there's like no room need a brief Oh crafting in there Lacroix you know I don't like to cry oh my god like that's the dog area but I feel like no one can bother me in here well yeah of course oh I spent so much time here Andrew do you want to go in let me follow you in No so just picture yourself like once two people are senior self like working in here and stuff oh yeah morning Tina we got first are you like actually good at this this is crazy how do you find such a specific thing to go right well I have no carpet walls were so atrocious wait like what well yeah of course wait Rylan this is like I'm not even oh that's great too I mean didn't you cut the legs off oh yeah because there it was too tall it was like IDI wide so much for this room this is like actually functional I thought this is no it's like see two people can like chill in here they have cup holders you guys rooms where someone's gonna be like oh we need to let go and talk or whatever and they're gonna be like oh we could do that room and then it's gonna be a joke and they're gonna be in here and they're gonna be there for like an hour yeah if you wait so what's this this is all just like her it's because it used to all be this gross carpet at the top yeah I measured out the rug I'm not kidding when I say this but the whole mr. Kator shaking thing really impressed I was the most proud of my entryway this is so great yeah that's what I wanted...
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