Shane’s Beauty Room Makeover Surprise!

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    I hope you guys love how the room turned out as much as we do! Thank you Impressions Vanity for the beautiful mirrors! Check them out! (not sponsored)

    Rich lux's Lipstick (we Love it so muchhh)

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    are we ready okay the reaction in three two one alright so as you guys know Shane is currently busy taking over the beauty community and while he's doing that he has ordered hundreds and hundreds of beauty products online I'm talking every single day we have boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff come in because he really wants to test and utilize and learn how to use all of these products if he's going to be launching his own that being said our bathroom is a complete nightmare it's like makeup galore and it's no longer just functioning for us to use he's outgrown the space and really needs another so we were thinking we have an empty ish like second guest bedroom that we were thinking we could convert to a makeup slash podcast hangout work space so I thought it could be fun for me to talk you meant for redesigning and decorating this room kind of like okay you know I hate bro I'm trying to film something okay kind of like I did for the panic room but this one will be more of like a transformation because it's an entire room it's a bigger project for me my designer skills are like shaking were nervous so today I thought I would measure the room and kind of like draw an outline for what I think I could potentially do for the room I've showered I've taken measurement so that I can start like shopping and building into this and I'm about to have a business meeting with Shane to talk logistics I told him to have his lawyer present which is Andrew okay Andrew thought Geoffrey should be oh oh wait we have a finishing final touch oh my god this is so just watching YouTube which every it's so fitting that that's literally his Hermes blanket Oh can't kill Jeffrey okay we have Jeffrey here I'm ready to talk business take a seat okay so this is a meeting now the Lighting's better the other way we'll look snaps if we're sitting like this there's no light that will snatch me this is our client what do you call these things wait what do you call those the meetings consultation this is your consultation for your beauty room Oh okay so what I want to know is exactly what you want I'm not on you like thinking it's really good because this framing has the tea in the background like you're brewing all of it always on a real note I really do need more space my beauty area right now cuz we've been doing this series with Jeffrey and me learning about the beauty world I go all in on stuff so I had a lot of makeup a lot like it's to a point where I mean right it's out of control I can just show you now okay now if people are just joining for the first time I'm not a beauty guru I don't want to confuse you I know I look like one but I'm not but I am going all in on this like I really want space to really work and to learn and if I'm coming out with a palette I want an area where I can really like test out looks get other youtubers over here do their makeup get celebrities over here do their makeup I really want like a space to do this and I felt like we have this room that we're not really using we haven't turned it into a movie theater because that's gonna take forever to do that so in the meantime might as well turn it into my fucking glam room bitch James stop shaking we're gonna be using that room a lot in the series that that andrew is shooting which is documenting you launching a line with Jeffrey I want to look cool in that in the series to a display oh my god we we have so much cool Jeffrey I don't want to give anything away from this year's but his people in him are so fuckin good and this shit that they're making with us is so I'm so excited so yeah like having like areas to display that stuff which by the way it's gonna be kind of hidden around the house right now so you can have to blur week that's everything wait what do we do all kind of tell you what I'm thinking and then I'm gonna leave you I mean not like forever but like to design their room yeah I'm gonna have to find a new second guest bedroom with a didn't she get one of those beds into the wall pulls out yeah it's big but it's not that large we are you gonna take off the closet doors I haven't decided yet so that could be the store the the makeup storage area oh my gosh there's hummingbirds right outside the window wait no they were so cute they were like flirting come back we'll cross that bridge when it come I think doors off I feel like doors off and then you turn that into like a little mini version won't work okay are you designing the room or am i oh yeah okay be careful it's pretty organized but he does have a lot of stuff oh god I have to hide the products I have that are Jeffrey's competitors that he hates well you know you have to test not gonna happen not competitors he doesn't have a competition right he flops I'm gonna flip over the flop no but I don't think you're gonna have to do that because you want to know what's out there so you can justify that your products better than your right here's my rocks this looks organized like he actually does look pretty organized but if you're really like going into this there's like probably fifty five pallets there's more which is like nuts and a half there's also liquid shadows I like this one a lot this stellar color is really I know and all my brushes but I've like you know separated them these are my luxury brushes like my Gucci my you know Tom Ford oh yeah these are my small brushes these are all my mirrors oh this is my favorite I don't wait we don't like this this is my Jeffrey's so that's the problem right this is when you think it's pretty organized I guess he has 700 setting sprays but like he's trying them all out then you look and say why does he have so many lipsticks shaking she has more posses WD Burt 10 years doing makeup and I started a month ago so this is a problem I have a lot of lipstick here and they're not we're gonna at all and we want somewhere to like display the Jeffrey stop yeah what's the weirdest limit Jeffrey's also you know Jeffrey gave me all of his concealers I actually have it in underneath the sink over here I have a bag of my no makeup which is the makeup I really don't like are you to do a video are you know like no so has a hundred more back yeah so many different foundation I don't know what to do wait crazy this is too much then down here I have my skin routine but I guess I'll leave that up here I love tougher and I had a lot of my lashes and a lot of primers and a lot of things like that and then there's my blush in my contour it Mike so the problem with this is that now it's overwhelmed like literally I have yet a hundred different types of bronzers all of these are blushes and a week ago this was organized and things fit well and now it's already too much and then I had to resort to making a box highlighter I haven't seen this so I kind of mean my face she's the thing I've been you know showering more you know it's funny is how minimalistic I am compared to shame look at my side of the bathroom literally nothing I want Aceh doing this spray and then just to technically that's mine you're borrowing it but no no no Geoffrey bought me this do you have a good moisturizer at home no James is telling me that the talk shows where I need to go I'm getting you a water cream I just you saying that I am going to get you a luminous doing a long time ago inside of a video and that's why yeah these perfumes are my and Shane did buy these for me yes thank you all so that's me right now feeling like all of the makeup issues so this is the current space right which actually might become a problem because when Andrew and Morgan are both here this serves is like the the roll over guest bedroom so we're gonna have to find a place for the second person to sleep if we convert this room so you for saying you have a lead on like a potentially free vanity or what so there's a company that very random I was looking for vanities online and I found the website I really liked then I was like I wonder if haven't Instagram so I can see more of it I went to their Instagram they were following me and lead the enemies Thank You Shane took side you're getting involved in the beauty world if you ever need anything let us know I was like well this is crazy so i DM them back we've been talking to trying to figure out when you go there and stuff and we just have a good time but their stuff is good and some of that's expensive so if they actually give it to us for free that's like a big yeah this isn't sponsored but it might be a free Froyo so I think actually the the thing upstairs is there's the my blush - oh really I think that's how they found out about oh interesting okay well that's all we get with shame for now I'm gonna do some designing and hopefully he likes what it turns out to be in West Hollywood this is day one of our shopping extravaganza for the Beauty room I think we're gonna start at cb2 then we're gonna go to the vanity store I'm gonna go to the wig shop okay I mean that's totally unrelated although that may be fun oh please okay first stop CB - this is kind of cute for the middle of my little seating area for like the game table look at this you have a Sun shader I mean that's kind of everything instead of a none Brennan for Ella yeah you could like work out underneath it way those chairs are kind of a vibe I'm looking for - yeah I really like this ottoman - okay so we just arrived at impressions vanity on Melrose which honestly it looks so iconic yeah I cannot pretend like oh I have a closet for my kid booze like boo like I am a true beauty guru and oh my gosh all of the...
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