Staying at The WORST Reviewed Hotel in my City (1 STAR)

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    hey guys good morning okay so I'm very excited because Morgan and Garrett are both on their way over and we're gonna have ourselves a little Kiki I just got home from the gym I'm making a protein shake and I'm about to follow a trend I feel like I always follow YouTube trends but like after they've already been popular for months so today I am indeed going to be taking Morgan and Garrett to a one-star hotel in my city quite honestly it's just an excuse for all of us to hang out with an added layer of fun just in case you guys didn't know my first job in LA was actually at this place called body factory which is a protein smoothie place so I became a professional smoothie maker and I thought I would share with you guys it's a chocolate banana protein almond milkshake so delicious tastes like a milkshake but is semi healthy like as healthy as a protein shake could be anyways Morgan and Garrett should be here soon I'm gonna show them where we're going and we're gonna have a blast Morgan's arrived with some Easter or oh my god are they oh ho oh I can't believe they changed the shape they never know I saw you Rosie on a baking shot you can make mermaid of Riley it's just go oh my god this is so cute they're little mermaid cupcakes are you ready to experience a one-star hotel well actually really like like scary motels they're kind of like weirdly comforting we're flying like a one star motel thing it wasn't like a hookup it was I was in a relationship and then you know we stopped on the way home from a trip and okay and I bent her over the bed and literally right next to her finger was like a hue big puddle of blood my dried blood what we've seeded some nice hotels to have blood of course you fit it was actually super challenging to find a one-star hotel there was only one in our area on Yelp and all of the rest have at least three so this is by far the worst in our area well I make it be more fun if we went to like New Mexico or something all right hello how's it going what did you find what's this oh well it's been a minute Garrett and I below hi hi Shane thank you hi Shane's gone at the camera because he doesn't want to join our adventure I asked him if he would film this little bit for us because I wanted we're doing I already told Morgan we're going to a one-star hotel but have you seen miss Garrett people are going to like one rate one-star rating why do you have my house on your screen today we're going to start I literally could only find one there's 19 reviews it only has one star when I arrived here put a few shades in the sink I mean that just looks like a cigarette burns this place looks nice yeah right guys you be not Tommy that's nice like what a nice wood floor wait what that's that once no defense against that a tripod oh my god there's little bed bugs on the floor I think the plan should be we go get a black light on our way we go get chick-fil-a and we have a move on no I don't like to play I'll support them maybe I support Lutheran's going down I want to see it in the daylight doesn't mean to be going get started with what we just decided nothing oh my god that you at the motel tonight I love the distr ninja that Google myself challenge okay so we're on the road well yes I'll have everyone know I tried to get you a black light at Target but target doesn't have yeah I did request and she said probably Walmart so we're gonna get a black light we're gonna get food and then we're going to only be found this at a dead woman's house and then put it on inside out and didn't realize it was happening until Morgan said hey Gary I wonder how she died you know what's interesting when I'm sitting in the backseat our heads are the same size I've never been to Walmart in Dhaka doubt for filming you've been kicked off a film Oh at this Walmart like five times yeah you gotta like hide your vlog camera be sneaky but yes wait I cannot be sneaky look at me I'm like a big gross monster come back you listen if we go to this place hotel this hotel to that like no I'm trying to protect us we do need one season and I hope they have some Hufflepuff ones but my point is oh god here this this hotel can have some bugs that seriously we want like if we war are closer than we'd have to burn them so we need custom clothes to go into this place because seriously bedbugs are won't care I've had scabies before and guess what I think that it came from a hotel there's an employee come on okay well then let's shop for our onesies I feel like this is the Ryland version of a onesie oh my god come on tell me that I won't look great in this what size do you think I am an extra small okay I found mine gay glam well that's literally what I just got you know very more in 2006 hey what did you get oh I'm just like this alien shirt and this product justice shirts it's my favorite Janet Jackson wait is that for right now or just like for you to have in general just like in general no okay well then you have to get some kind of like two-piece pajama or something okay I searched high and low and I finally found a black light so we're all ago we're stopping at Panda Express so that we can move on inside this day I saw so many pretty samples my this was Morgan's like last month food she ate here everyday all right we're gonna get food we'll see you at the hotel guys we're arriving at this is my q1 our loss oh no it's the cute one on the right there's like a grand gate entrance hi except for us that our mansion more like it the palm trees are so homey oh okay not everything can be perfect all right so we kind of have a lot of stuff oh that's an airsoft gun no I know boy do you have it Oh Theresa gave it to us to like shoot cans on our property Theresa what are you intending no but if somebody scares me at the house it's like don't fuck with me yeah because criminals really get scared by an orange tipped gun all right Garrett I'm gonna say their logo is also been literally took 25 minutes to check in I've never had that kind of experience well I just want to say that it said there's a single room double room room with a sweet and jacuzzi roof all that was available was a single king bed so I got that non-smoking and it was a hundred and five dollars with a five dollar deposit so like not the cheapest thing ever three people have died in here you know that oh I can do it I don't think smells like myself if you put your ear to the door any of these rooms you're going to hear someone cranky baby is it for your lucky number 14 chillin how do you guys like our room I can't believe this is the last night of our lives wait look at the palm trees a very homey let me just say this isn't it to be dragging because I've stayed at plenty of hotels that were like $50 a night that worked way better than this wait really like in Colorado Holiday Inn and we're like in the valley of California you guys are being too forgiving look at that chair if Garrett's saying a chair is unacceptable that means like something's up you know I'm a little ragtag but like it makes like please well here's the thing I feel a little bit bad because I feel like these one-star videos are like really like bringing businesses down so I don't want to be like that oh sure let's talk about the positives then well I like how they screw the screws directly into the picture frame I can tell when someone actually kicks the bathroom door and because there was someone mmm that's not the hotels fall that's an anger issue of guess yeah I will say the bathroom is pretty cleanly I'm not gonna lie like the sink is pretty slime right there I've stayed at multiple nice hotels and have found blood on the floor so I think it's like it's hard to have a hotel are we gonna sleep on the bed I think we need to change before we do anything I feel bad for the bottoms of my shoes right now okay so I want to point out that I like could literally have a hand sanitizer bath and that still wouldn't be enough but that's also not the hotel's fault that's just me in general like I go into Walmart and I'm like the check-in experience was so crazy Garrett have you ever had to give like three of your IDs to get into hotel rooms I didn't forget oh that was insane like what information are they taking on us I actually found blood in the lobby well yeah and a little bit of mold I could have been red pain okay let's see that one star look definitely the most color my body will see we have I really picked it wisely because we have Doug the pug writing this versus cheeto writing this saying oh my god no unicorns and oh my guys that actually Doug the pug he's in Walmart that's iconic I also got slippers that's quite a bold sweatshirt choice looks like you're ready to land an aircraft let's see my shoes how many wearing Eliza Koshi socks on the ground oh no wait what happened up there on that there's a Netflix show called like life on death row and this is kind of what that alright Garrett are you ready to show us what you've got yeah I guess all right Garrett funny this is the worst thing I've ever seen what about you like it I don't know the shirts pretty cool it's cosmic you know it's a whole Jeffery Star Trek wait those pants are kind of cool though yeah that's amazing you know God why does he look good such a problem it's like it's really comfortable like if I was a girl I would wear it just because like it's easy it's easy you put it on you're done for the day you're like what's on your sandals like ham oh these are the incredible well I thought it was little steaks they...
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