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    hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm very excited because today Jade and I are doing the boyfriend buys my outfit video so the first one I went to is very bougie oh thanks clothes I'm ready to shop oh my gold this is the centerpiece of the outfit this is too easy I'm just gonna grab this for like this don't mind me I'm just crazy alright so first I'm gonna start with the head I could not believe that I found this it is so fun and flirty and cowgirl and Joanne it's one of the million reasons why you're gay so I got you this beautiful no this is pretty you take on your walks with Lu know and put the poop bags in it that is very handy now this is more for like mourning time something to kind of sip your tea in when you're talking shit you guys the dollar store s no this is another kind of accessory this is a virtual reality set you're taking outfit to the next level like these are not big know about you like you're walking around in your Joanne hat and you're watching like the Lady Gaga tour it's like you're there okay outfit time a protective mask I actually have been wanting to purchase some of these just in general because I feel like when I go in public I don't want to get sick I thought you're gonna say scene I don't want to be seen so first I'm gonna start with this I got you a waist trainer what are you trying to say we could all be more snatched now to go with that we also have these really cute purple gloves and they have a really good grip so you can soon after we've been real good speaking of leaves I got you this beautiful little blue number did you get me a shirt wait okay No all right everybody welcome the 99 cents store whore oh my god wait where's your VR wait you're not wearing your wig there we go oh my gosh you literally look like you went insane well I think this is practical I feel like I can wear it my everyday life and I feel like a new person here's 99 problems and never never mind a lot more than that okay so the next why first of all I got distracted okay so I took a detour I found this store that has an abundance of for dogs literally alcohol I found a cheetah amazing didn't have anything cheeto so this is king of fucking everything all right oh no let's get drunk oh don't forget your purse girl girls don't forget your purse okay oh my god oh my god can you fuck so this is gonna go with your outfit which I went to a very special store for perfect literally Ryland and that's me never mind not to be in the back can I be sexy too no okay so here's the shirt I feel like I'm gonna need to make a music video and then it's any good okay comes with a little police huh you're shopping for your own fantasy this is for the bottom are you trying to get this video to monetize this is my favorite what these are a split shot and then oh my god I like a fashion show slash getting demonetised and now welcome to the stage dawg oh my god you look like Britney kinda but give me like a really good dance move never mind wait get on the bed and just like start whipping things yeah with the TV the next door is frenzy okay so this is a place where all the celebrities go and literally when you walk in they have a security guard to follow you because this is so expensive so let's go look at all this stuff we're not gonna buy I've never felt uglier in my life update time I just spent way too much money and I'm gonna die also that was me when they told me how much it was actually she specialized in clothes for petite people like me I know I know I literally walked into the store and she said sorry this shirt now these are a risk these are these little come on off shorts all right okay first practical outfit this is a really cute dark denim jacket Wow and it's very soft it's really soft and then to go with that I got these little um these little cute pant you can't say anything will show you later but I got these little cute pins and there's a little bear cuz like kind of there okay come through I know with the lid the shores of the thing bitch it's time welcome to the stage this cost me $700 oh my god wait you look at it wait it looks really good I love this jacket is really cute this is kind of like a joke but it's a good one I think honestly this is a really good outfit like if you walked around like this I wouldn't have a boyfriend anymore now I feel like you have an inner skater kid that you're just dying to let out and me being an outro thing I've always wanted my skater boy alright I'm at a place called Val surf I think it's just the surf shop at his Gator shop he's going to be a skater you have to get him aboard all right which one's the gayest none of them are gay enough I'll keep looking okay so I'm gonna start with the shirt I got extra small black t-shirts are actually my favorite oh my god it's really cute right this is another extra small shirt that I got excited about those cues this is just a little skater team I could bust oh this one I really love now this is it this is a moment cuz there is some pink involved but I thought this was cute - this is why it has a little pink detail on the side no that's honestly me okay I think I love you even more now listen these are a risk but I feel like with an all-black outfit or with your white pink shirt it could work are they pink J but I think honestly with you all black everything it's kind of cool I can wear this with the white shirt that has pink acts and the black inks yeah I love this backpack this backpack has a cat on it it's flipping people off I actually need a yoga backpack isn't it cute now I know what you're thinking Shane why did you give me all of these skater things and these skater shoes and skater pants and a skater backpack and a skater ha well you got me a skateboard because no I actually went through a skating face like very intense I could do boardslide I could do kick flips this it goes with everything it goes with the backpack and goes when you're in case Gator it goes with that backpack we're gonna have a photo shoot oh I know oh my god and we're also gonna have a skate off all right welcome to this day My dear boy oh my god honestly I literally want to ride you like a skateboard well I think the only thing left to do is ride it all right you ready show us some of your sick moves the animals are like all right let me try some tricks all right skateboard montage now Oh oh my god all right guys that is all we have for this week's video if you like this one and you haven't already seen us do this unchanged channel go watches right now I hope you enjoyed it if you did subscribe because I'm making videos every week specifically Tuesdays
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