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I'm going to do my reaction video later this week with my thoughts on everything that went on, and then we're done talking about this.

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it should be really high let's go am i looking at the first time bail bail early you still got them you can't go looking this way yes Oh I never give you anything you can't do five centimeters up the ground just go holding it let's go now he'll we're only walking moving up on the hill down don't reach for the ground good boy don't let that one check out good would you stay upright too much you run you end up leaning backwards a little bit or dropping on us just a slight lean here yes good when you bring your knee up don't go back with it bring your knee causes your chest too much link nobody told him there all that time for the ABS good he'll put don't reach the ground don't reach for the ground good okay I know you don't spring on your heels or we're only walking and the problem is that when you are doing this and you're reaching for the ground you want to get rid of down and we're gonna make it worse when you really exactly you want to get rid of so what I want you to hold this position because when you're in the air for fly and you can hold this up all the way it will come down and land and you'll be on the ball of your foot underneath you okay so we need to get rid of that reaching three two one right left right left right left follow the four follow four that's better I'm from this Drive yeah as soon as Europe you want to be high now you're not gonna be able to hold it and stay down for 20 meters because I take things a huge amount of strength you you couldn't do that I can yeah if you had time so we don't have enough time he takes a huge amount of strength to stay down for a long time but the sooner you come up and you're upright the cookie you have to be the further you have to run first of all right and hold that phone the longer that you stay down and dry push push push push push the more speed you'll generate when you come up you want to stay close to the ground in the beginning there's no pickup in the beginning so it's here here push push push once you go through your list and you're up in the air that's when you cycling so don't cycle and stop so think in your mind now let's go for seven steps count to 7 go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 driving staying down don't look up push down into the ground yeah and don't let the opposite fall stay cross the ground let's go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 good mallet you need to think in our first 10 meters especially when everyone's around you don't applaud there's nothing interesting to see that when you do Ted Lister we do anything flower you tend to look up the stick head oh you must do that in a race you stay here you look down coping means in front of you and you think in your mind drive drive drive so in the race when they're going goes I want you to think about the 7 and 5 so push down for seven steps and then when you won several studies done you're gonna comport my father so rather than going 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 up run you might one down drive for seven and then come on 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 this is so much quicker than this and also in the beginning this here gives you a lot of power to push for when you haven't got any speeding not generated any speed this year is really hard to generate speed because it you know from doing the drops off to boxes I chomped coming from here and London you're gonna lose a lot push push push push now lift is quite good he's very good actually but you got a lot of power besides right you're strong power not just a speed really fast I might not get any memory quickly we're doing that I'm us there was so much longer than yours you got more in that so really pushing open don't try and reach just push it open yourself so from here really for sure Oh boom boom yeah that's better I don't tell everyone I'm absolutely shitting bricks I'm very nervous you're nervous you know that obviously when you do like we've done a charity message and stuff when you do football it's it's different that's something I've done all my life running no not not all that wimpy talk you hear is today the only advice give who thinks he's racing today yeah what did you say to me are you violating as I said you think you're racing today I bro think we didn't make it alive alive alive they told me to Huddle's I'm gonna tell you again smoked everyone's telling me I'm getting smoked I'm not symmetric on anyone and everyone's coming don't worry don't worry no why so there's maybe six of us in the UK do you look back together secure the back secure the back dimension they wanted you to see the challenger games on the front huh I'd imagine they want you to see the Challenger game oh hey I give em you know I know go bitch up that's the hibernation pre-race some pre-race song silence the sweet sounds of silence me not no Meek Mill nah nah bitch that's pre everything something that's free Erick Ramirez not bad not bad hamstring hurts what getting excuses in already right you got this man all right the next person stand up putting a GIC on your mark but looks like it's neck-and-neck it's between funny Mike and unclear that is but it looks like funny Mike's gonna take it brennentaylor also there nope not funny Mike we you stinking batches of his night might come to an end as off right now and it looks like a close race down to the wire it's gonna be late for oh so a little slip-up there take me in the set Jake Paul Finch in it was a neck and neck between three guys looks like purple drink let's get the final two it's pulling up with an injury and we're gonna go to the official scores table to see what the jake paul holding up the one finger and it looked like he got it down the stretch a huge burst of speed no it was terrible off the start yeah turn those boosters about midway through he starts to get his speed that right there it's leaning back it looks like he's in a recliner while running this is incredible it looks like Jake Paul the official stats are in he ran a 12.25 second hundred this is how close was tope gisle Jake Paul's the winner table dizzle and second twelve point two six and we have Shannon with the winner Shannon let's go that good man yeah no I lost it I saw you he you plots the news books I don't use what do you think she doesn't move so doesn't believe my camera doesn't believe that were stumbled like I didn't use any of my running technique the adrenaline made it all go out the window yeah I've been you did all right but you stumbled or lucky 12.6 mate I trained my ass or put my ass on the fucking line guess what Oh Jeff work I overtook Dax it was no match for big giver hey I travel 10 miles of a plane for no reason destroying just no one within him it's just mind-blowing how fast that man is destroying the star of the show thus far this dude is is is quite honestly being Usain Bolt of maybe entertainer on planet earth make some noise for your gold medal winner I'm sorry I can't bring home the gold back on the sea I'm coming straight to Edna's wearing when these all wanna be there in ten I am the boogeyman scarin men who lie my name an au pair with bang come to everything your shoes in your hands I will turn up earlier than the cameraman bear equipment you'll be thinking it's them hold on wait there where's this lens dances lens on side fighting with his friend Humana camping
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