Destroying My Friend's Car And Surprising Him With A New One

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    I gave my friends one hour to spend $10,000 and while they were doing that I smashed their cards with meteors and after that I took them all to a dealership and bought some new cars here we each get $10,000 to buy whatever car you want you guys have one hour to spend $10,000 here you go go spend 10 grand have fun when's it start now so what store you want we have giant meteor a crane and a forklift where I take a meteor in order to put it on widows car we're gonna take another meteor and put it on Marcus's car both of them have no idea that we're doing this and then we're gonna take a bunch of mannequins and put them in Chandler's car and we're also filling Chris's car with bouncy balls basically all poor people out spending $10,000 is gonna get pranked but for clarification only these two getting smashed by meteors get new cars let's do it this one is too small outer space wouldn't send this this one right here this one goes on Marcus's truck can you put it on there Jake no all right Chandler knows we're smashing their cars so he's gonna stall them a little bit longer so we have more time to smash their cars and meteors but what he doesn't know is we're also buying time to fill his car with mannequins love you Chandler let's go get a mower this is like when your dad takes you to Home Depot and you don't want to go to Home Depot yeah let's whip it so I just bought a lawn mower this isn't any lawn mower Marcus this is the Cadillac of lawn mowers the Bugatti the Bugatti we're Marcus's car but before we destroy it with the meteor I want to show you how terrible it is okay I have it in Drive but I think that means neutral from what I heard it's one off yep it's one off how is this even street-legal Marcus why is your car beeping why does it smell like my grandma it's stuck somebody help me all right car number two is Jake whittles there's literally food everywhere I see a french fry smells like pta just like Marcus smells like his grandma Jake smells like pizza it does start I'm shocked I'm gonna take this car for a test drive then we're gonna smash it with a meteor then we're gonna give him $10,000 to buy a new car which is a lot because this cars worth $800 and I'm also giving him $10,000 to spend right geez how much is this gonna cost me a lot dude yeah I need a loaf oh okay right off the bat this does work better than ours what does that sound what what is that okay it's not think that means I'm gonna live it besides the French frys pee stains and what is that beef we're gonna get kicked out we're gonna get kicked out so bad never best buy see that's coming they're like oh god I got to get a camera so I can record my standup I got to get an oculus that's what funsies and something from a gif you know something nice cuz I got this money so Jake and Marcus don't know this but at the end of the day you're getting a new car and Jake was like oh it's really cool I'm glad I got to be a part of this is really fun he doesn't know he's been together freaking car bro he's gonna wild out Chris yeah I got it oh all right so do you build it with y'all okay bye well from here I can build him a beatsie from parts from here they sell parts here now oh there we go there we go I want the best we getting the boys hooked up right so before we can smash this car at the meteor we gotta take everything out of it the first thing is head-to-toe pure oil a gift card a wall charger ahh this cute little toy the Hat that Marcus where this mouthwash at issue barbecue clothes and next up we're doing bloodless car it literally just looks like a bunch of junk sorry well we're just gonna alright this is taking way longer than we thought so we're gonna tell them we need another hour I'm unmuted hey so we're really taking a while to spend our $10,000 so we're increasing the time limit to like three hours is that okay yeah we'll go get us ourselves a nice lunch I gotta catch you later we're about to drive off all right love you bye he didn't say I love you back what am i right now still make him do math for a massive heart get sick so forth Oh Louis look at the receipt we wallet do we're the new mr. B's Brooke it is we could ask Big Boy let's Nick bar right there alright so we put a GoPro up there hopefully that looks cool I'm sorry for what we're about to do to your car we're gonna buy you a new one we're ten times more so it is smashed but it's not smashed enough I wanted it to do like a u-shape so everyone sledgehammers especially you Viking have fun there we go so according to my calculations Weddell car has been hit by meteor I wonder what what'll is doing right now I'm a king today look at this my kingdom I'm Cebu ha ha all right now on to Marcus's pudding meteors on cars takes a little more time that I thought so I'm gonna call Chris and see what they're up to hey what's going on how's your day going pretty good how's your day going great uh we're close enough we're going to the final two stores how are you guys we are we are taking a quick break at Red Lobster that's oh we still have a little ways to go when do you think you'll be done by oh we can do this all day because we were planning on getting the eyebrows done afterwards yeah keep going go do your eyebrows go do a bunch of things and we're good okay sounds good All Right see it a little bit keep me updated Wendell's car has a meteor now it's time for Marcus's car I'm sorry for what we're about to do to your car bring the meteor hi I'm ready I don't want to get hurt Wow a meteor fell from the skies I didn't know this was a monster it looks like a Home Depot have you never been to the mall no never what I met a Red Lobster either what yeah what he has to take me on a journey man I've destroyed a lot of cars in my life we speared this one we flipped this 100 shot a cannon at one I don't know just play the rest we got a lot now we're going to start smashing in the car with some of these items here you go here you go here you go just destroy it have fun boys just go go hard hey kick in the little one there you go yep don't complain just go be today that's what I like to see you Marcus your truck belongs to the junkyard yes Queen yes Queen all right now it's time to spray-paint it to make it look like a meteor Oh God oh god yes you're that's nice but what'd you get I got some shoes like no jogging shoes and socks now it's time to fill Chandler's car with live another but so as we're filling Chandler's car with just tons of mannequin limb I wonder what he's up to we're gonna get a pinky ring you're gonna get an actual pinky ring so I do I like dumb better dumb ring what anyways can't be better than this that is creepy next we're gonna put a lot of balls in Christmas truck because he likes balls pink pink is like Chris waters okay yep cool hey so we just finished where are you guys that we're at the mall go ahead and start making your way back here whenever you're ready we just finished all of Jake's shopping so we're good well how about you say what do you think the reactions gonna be like so white cars Weddell and he's gonna be kind of funny he's a comedian he'll have a one-liner the truck it's Marcus he's literally going to scream he's gonna jump up and down he's gonna go I guarantee you Chris and Chandler they don't see it coming and they're just gonna be like what let me just tell you guys the fun never stops we're gonna go shopping it's only one but it's only one white truck with red stripe light what isn't like what why do they do it to my car what'll and Marcus are probably shocked they had no idea or he's not getting out of the car why cars on fire why is my car on fire didn't you pay attention that spongebob episode the Pioneers used to ride these babies for miles well this is who's Marcus calling based on my mom okay Meteor Brooke what do you think of that your new car I'm sure it's still run do you have anything valuable speakers sound a really good oh really I mean the engine might not assignment really because we took it on a test drive and it was screeching how do you this is so heavy 8,000 pounds it came from space you're currently weighs 2,000 pounds you weight it yep oh you guys already know this is mr. B's not can't say it looking for drama-free you said it not me so you each get $10,000 to buy whatever car you want oh really yep right out yep right now I'm an insurance company we're gonna take you guys to get new cars oh yeah Marcus was furious I just had a full tank of gas in here - I was told you hated this I've been through a lot in this truck so this is $20,000 actually in cash you go you guys split it heavy y'all better not have touched my air freshener your car appears to be full in we're gonna mix better we still have it why does mine have balls are you trying to say something explicitly said multiple times you like balls he likes balls I'll be sure let's just buy some cars boys hello my macho he's like dumb for you got smash they got smashed by a boulder I'm gonna see you the picture but you just go ahead to call insurance or something no chip is why they just destroy my car so I can get a new mom my car has been destroyed a meteor hit not just any car my car I'm getting a new car being mr. B's I want something that has that condition the windows work fast it doesn't leak oil and something comfortable and clean do you look at this place man pull up a clean phone look at the people on with I know clean people lik...
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